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Repairs to do Before Selling a House

By Matea Shosho

You are selling your house, and of course you want it sold as fast as possible while making the most profit. If this is the case it may be helpful to do some small repairs that will pay off.

One of the first things buyers pay close attention to is the flooring of the house. Buyers tend to particularly seek hardwood floors. If you have a carpet and can afford it, consider replacing it with hardwood. If your house has ceramic tiles, don't replace them unless they are broken since ceramic is very expensive and you will quickly spend more money than it's worth.

Buyers also focus on the state of the walls and the ceiling. They generally look for leaking, grease, smoke stains, or cracks. In order to avoid this potential disaster, paint your walls and ceiling with a new fresh coat. Again aim for neutral colors like tan, cream, or light gray. If you have any wallpaper, remove it because it is too personal to your taste. Old wood paneling should go or get a fresh new coat of paint. Textured ceilings also aren't that popular anymore, so replace yours if you can do so.

While a bit costly, it is also a great idea to improve the kitchen, make sure all sinks and faucets work as they should. Also, cabinets need to look clean and intact. If you are remodeling the whole kitchen, don't go very high end products. People are not looking for that kind of luxury. Bathrooms also completely pay off your investment, so they should get some attention. Finally fix the roof and the exterior. While it is not cheap, a bad roof will not get you many offers and will be spotted immediately by a home inspector.

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