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What to Disclose

By Matea Shosho

One of the important steps of selling a house is that of disclosing information to a potential buyer. This type of information is the kind that will allow a potential buyer to make a decision on buying. Disclosing this information will save the seller form getting sued in court, having their sales contract annulled and a lot of money.

So what to disclose? Here is a list:

  • Title and linens issues
  • Any plumbing and swage issue
  • Water leaking problems
  • Vermin and parasite
  • Cooling and heating system problems
  • Foundation and structure problems

To make sure you are releasing all the right information ask your attorney, or find a form online. If you want you can even hire and inspector, and in case your property really needs repairs, it will be easier for you to fix, then have your home's value suffer.

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