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A little bit about Yesner Law:

Yesner Law was created to help homeowners, borrowers, consumers, and real estate investors buy, sell, protect, and preserve the single greatest asset someone will own in their lifetime - a home. Our founder, Shawn M. Yesner, has been practicing law since 1998, and over the years we have had the opportunity to represent thousands of consumers, lenders and investors. Over these many years, we have been able to generate successful outcomes for our valued clients.

From the variety and depths of the cases we have managed, we have developed a series of practice area systems that address our clients concerns and needs on a personal and individual basis. Our clients are not passed around to various associate attorneys, paralegals or other staff. We work with our clients, as a team, to provide an individualized plan designed to our clients' specific needs or goals.

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Phone: (813) 774-5737

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