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Our home mortgage guides and directory listings will give you the information you need to negotiate mortgages with confidence. Learn what to do before applying, the different types of mortgages out there, and how your credit score plays into it all. Our experts give you the inside scoop, tips, and tricks.

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Ideal Lending Solutions Ideal Lending Solutions

Office: West Palm Beach, FL

Phone: 561-296-7520

Email: wenriquez@ideallending.net

Sharpe Mortgage Lending Service Sharpe Mortgage Lending Service

Office: Tampa, FL

Phone: (813) 374-8282

Email: sharpemortgagefl@gmail.com

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Five Ways to Improve Your Credit Five Ways to Improve Your Credit

By Tiffany Raiford

Improving your credit is something you have to do if your score is less than perfect. However, the process is a lot easier than you might think. Inside, we offer five smart tips to raise your credit score and put you on the track to homeownership

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Smart Reasons To Refinance Your Home Smart Reasons To Refinance Your Home

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Considering refinancing your home? There are many factors that determine if refinancing a mortgage loan saves dollars and makes sense. Inside, we highlight some of the smarter reasons to refinance in a tough lending market.

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Florida Construction Loans Florida Construction Loans

By Colleen Colkitt

If you want to make renovations, additions or repairs to your home, a construction loans may be a smart choice for financing the work. Read up on these loan types and choose the best plan for your circumstances.

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