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Address: 1500 W Cypress Creek Rd
Suite 415
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Phone: 954-772-9500

Fax: 954-772-9501

Email: info@uniserv.net

Website: www.uniserv.net

Specialty: Pool Service, Pest Control, Lawn Spray, and Pool Design & Renovation

Serving all of Florida

A little bit about UniServ:

UniServ is a State licensed Florida based home services company specializing in pool service, pest control, lawn spray, and pool design & renovation. By offering our clients bundled service options in a one-stop-shop package, we're able to provide the homeowner a unique combination of high quality services at reasonable and attractive prices.

UniServ is a Florida company specializing in residential swimming pool service and repair. We also provide pest control and lawn spray services as part of a bundled home services program. Our goals are to:

Provide high quality home services at a reasonable and attractive price

Provide the homeowner a unique combination of services unavailable elsewhere

Introduce new swimming pool technology in order to make pool service more efficient

Ensure that all of our services help provide a healthy and happy home environment

Provide all services in keeping with Florida's 'green' pest control and pool service policies

UniServ is fully licensed & Insured in the State of Florida

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I am calling to commend Dave, our pool tech for the last few months; I've been down here 7 years and went through a half a dozen different pool companies. You guys are outstanding; I love your new reporting software. I am getting an email when he wheels out of my driveway. It's a full report of what is going on with the pool. As a business owner, I can say that the investment you made with the software really pays off and it is outstanding.

Kevin H.

Excellent Professional Service - I have had this service for two months and I could not be happier. This is the cleanest and Bluest my pool has ever been. I love it thank you UniServ.

Victor M.