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Buying a Home in Orlando: Home Security Buying a Home in Orlando: Home Security

By Gordy Haynes

Buying a home is much easier now than it was a year ago for an established working class family. As credit eases a little and the strain of holding so much inventory continues to take a toll on the banks and distressed property owners that just need to sell, the buying opportunities are real... here are some thoughts on buying a home in Orlando and how to make sure your home security is up-to-date!

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An Editorial on Home Inspections and the Housing Market An Editorial on Home Inspections and the Housing Market

By Gordy Haynes

In the mid 1980's, one of the best investments you could make, as an active or passive investor, was just about any real estate. The real estate...

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Home Inspection Basics Home Inspection Basics

By Gordy Haynes

A home inspection is a visual inspection and opinion performed in accordance with accepted Standards of Practice for Professional Home Inspectors as defined by the State of Florida and/or other inspection organizations and is intended to provide an opinion, through observation, as to the apparent general condition of a building's components, systems or parts thereof, including the identification of significant observable deficiencies as they exist at the time of the inspection.

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