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Roof Materials Guide Roof Materials Guide

By Eddie Gallese

Learn the differences between asphalt, wood, slate, clay, and metals roofs.

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Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers Cheap Home Improvements for Sellers

Selling your home can be a demanding process, and making the best impression on potential buyers is one of the most important parts of it. Doing it cheaply and quickly is likely to net you the best returns.

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Repairs to do Before Selling a House Repairs to do Before Selling a House

By Matea Shosho

You are selling your house, and of course you want it sold as fast as possible while making the most profit. If this is the case it may be helpful to do some small repairs that will pay off.

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Keeping Your Home Safe Keeping Your Home Safe

Unfortunately, there are people who would break into your home and steal your property, making protection necessary. The following are ways to protect your home against such threats.

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Displaying 231 - 234 of 234

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