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By S. Mathur

With its climate and geography, Florida is a natural destination for outdoor sports, and especially for water sports. Matt Fowler, Sales Associate at Strike-Zone Fishing, explains that "Fishing is hugely popular in central Florida because of our proximity to water. You really can't throw a football without hitting a lake, river or the ocean." With both saltwater and freshwater bodies within easy reach, Florida is a fisherman's paradise.

Fishing is a great activity for all kinds of people, of any age, skill level or income, says Fowler. The store caters to everyone with an interest in fishing, no matter where they choose to exercise their skills: "Whether you're an eight year old fishing the pond in Grandpa's backyard or you just purchased a 60' custom sport fish and are looking to outfit it and everything in between." Strike-Zone offers fishermen everything they will need in their dream location.

The lure of fishing has baffled both fans and critics of the sport over the ages. And like every fisherman, Fowler has his own pet theories about fishing and why everyone should try it: "It's a great way to leave the stresses of the working world behind and reconnect with nature. There is something very rewarding about waking up early and getting some fresh air before the day gets too busy. Watching a sunrise from the beach as a fish takes your bait and smelling the salt air.

Taking your child down to the lake's edge to share a day by the water. Fishing is a very inclusive activity and offers a great way to spend time with those you care about or with no one at all. Not to mention the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of the catch. The anticipation is arguably the best part of fishing." Actually catching a fish, however, is what really makes it all worthwhile.

Strike-Zone Fishing has been serving the community since 2003 and fishermen can find everything they need for freshwater and saltwater fishing. The store keeps up with all the latest trends in the industry, and customers will find everything big and little - from high end rods and reels and the newest lure to hit the market. They can also count on getting good advice and tips from the trained and knowledgeable staff.

Every fisherman knows that the catch of a lifetime may be the next one, and that, Fowler believes, is why they keep coming back. That and the extraordinarily good customer service provided at Strike-Zone. The helpful and knowledgeable staff, who can direct customers to the best tackle suited to local conditions, give the store an edge in the age of online shopping. You can buy fishing tackle from an online store, but not expert local knowledge and the willingness to share it. The high rate of repeat business speaks to a loyal customer following. To anyone who's trying fishing for the first time, Fowler has just thing to say: "What are you waiting for?"

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