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Why Hire a Professional Landscape Maintenance Company: An Interview with Alicia Norton of Norton Landscape LLC

By Alicia Norton

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Norton Landscape LLC is owned and operated by Carl & Alicia Norton Jr. In 2004, we started our company as a sole proprietorship; as Norton Landscaping & Lawn Care. We started by building cliental with neighbors, family, and friends. We then expanded to service both residential and commercial properties, while adding additional services. In 2010, we became Norton Landscape LLC; a Limited Liability Company. This allowed us to continue to grow and obtain more commercial accounts. We currently service all of Hernando County; as well as commercials in Pasco County. With our qualified staff, we offer a variety of services. Our company is set apart from the rest by our outstanding customer service and superior work. We have made a name for ourselves by continuing to strive to be the best with our work & customer service. This is why most of our new customers are from referrals.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Our company provides:
Monthly Lawn & Landscape Maintenance
Pressure Cleaning
Hedge, Tree, & Palm Tree Trimming
Installation Services: Sod, rock, mulch, plants, trees, and more
Landscape Design: Creating flower beds and plant design
Lawn Seeding
Yard Clean Up: For those yards that need to be completely redone or cleaned up
Weeding of flower beds, planters, and fence lines

Visit our website, www.nortonlandscape.com, for a full list of services and discounts. We are always adding more!

How often should a yard or lawn be maintained in order to stay healthy and beautiful?

It is different for each lawn, in each season. For most healthy lawns, it is beneficial to have your lawn cut every week during the spring and summer months (April-October). You have to balance the amount of water your lawn is receiving with the amount of times your lawn is cut in a month. Most lawns are growing at a rate that requires it to be cut each week. For those lawns that are looking brown, you should make sure your lawn is getting enough water and skip a week of mowing, so it is allowed to grow. By skipping a week & keeping it watered properly, you will help protect it from the harsh damage of the sun.

During the winter months (November-March), you should reduce the amount of times the lawn is cut to two times a month. The longer the grass is the better chance it has of surviving any cold spells we get. Increasing the cuts may be necessary if Florida has a hot winter with fewer cold spells; and vice versa if it is a colder winter. Bahia will also need less cuts then Floratam or St. Augustine during the winter months.

What services are required to maintain a lawn?

To service a lawn, start with picking up any debris on the lawn. Don't forget to make sure small objects and toys are picked up as well. To maintain a lawn properly, it should be cut by a lawn mower that will be able to maintain proper height and also not tear up the lawn. The last thing you want is spots in your lawn that are scalped by a mower that doesn't cut properly. You will also need to weed eat the areas the lawnmower cannot reach and around objects in the lawn. Your lawn should be edged to keep it from encroaching onto the sidewalk, driveway, patios, or into flower beds. The last part of maintaining your lawn is to blow all grass debris from any concrete areas or flower beds.

What kind of knowledge is required to properly maintain a lawn?

You need to know how each type of grass works. For instance, what height is best for each grass type, when to skip a week, when it needs more water, and if it needs to be fertilized. The proper height for a Bahia lawn is a minimum of 3" with our preferred of 3.5". Floratam or St. Augustine should be maintained at a height of 4-5". We prefer 4" during the fast growing months, but do adjust to 4.5" for those lawns that need it. There are always going to be areas of the lawn the mower just can't get to. For those areas, you will need to weed eat the grass at the same height as the rest of the lawn. Did you know that your grass cannot be cut the same way two weeks in a row? Grass will develop ruts from the tires of a mower. You have to change the pattern your lawn is cut each time you mow. You will also need to know what type of machinery is needed for certain types of hedges, trees, and palm trees. Using the wrong one will leave the plant and you stressed.

What are some lawn maintenance services that professionals have the ability to handle where homeowners may not?

Professionals are usually better equipped to handle trimming of any landscape. It is always safer to call someone who is experienced with power tools; such as, chain saws and various types of trimmers. Professionals will have all the tools needed for each job. Therefore, there is no equipment to rent or purchase. It is less stress, time, and money to hire someone who can handle these sometimes tough landscape jobs. It is also easier for a professional to perform the lawn maintenance. A professional will know exactly what your lawn needs each time they visit and will be able to adjust accordingly.

In your opinion, what are some benefits of hiring a professional versus trying to do it yourself?

When you hire a professional you spend less time performing the lawn and landscape work and more time enjoying your yard with family and friends. We are all very busy these days and not many of us want to work full-time and then come home to work full-time on our lawn. When you hire a professional like us, you will receive lawn service year round to take all the worry out of maintaining your yard.

By hiring a professional you have also just saved yourself money. To properly maintain your property you need to purchase a lawn mower, weed eater, edger, backpack blower, hedge trimmer, tree trimmer, chain saw, and more. You will also need to maintain each of these machines and purchase the gas and oil that goes in them. By the time you do all that you could pay for your lawn and landscape service for many years. Save yourself the time, hassle, and money and hire someone that will have all your neighbors jealous of your yard. Your back will thank you!

Are landscape maintenance personnel typically paid hourly or single-fee based?

Single-fee based is what you will usually find in the lawn care industry. Usually lawn maintenance is set up on a monthly fee basis. Therefore, a customer would pay a monthly fee, year round, at a discounted rate. This allows customers to still be able to afford the lawn service for those summer months that require 4-5 cuts in a month.

Landscape work varies depending on the service. We offer monthly landscape packages where weeding and hedge trimming are done each week or at intervals that are requested. We also offer per request services. The amount of work and difficulty of the work is what will determine the price. For instance, a small amount of hedges are less expensive to have trimmed than a larger amount of hedges that involve trimming while standing on a ladder. Installation fees are per square foot of material, pallet, or plant installed.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

We can be reached by phone, email, or through our website. We offer our cell phones to all current and potential customers so they know we are only a call away. We offer free estimates and look forward to earning your business.

Contact us today:

Norton Landscape LLC.
Office: (352) 556-2991
Carl's Cell: (352) 650-4589
Alicia's Cell: (352) 650-2566

Email: norton@nortonlandscape.com
Website: www.nortonlandscape.com

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