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What to Look Out for in a Home Insurance: An Interview with Gary Kornbluh of Brokers Insurance Group, Inc.

By Gary Kornbluh

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Founded in Broward County Florida just after Hurricane Andrew, Brokers Insurance Group writes Property; Homes, Condominiums, Flood, Auto, Trucks, RV, Boats, Umbrellas, Life, Heath, including Affordable Care Act Health Insurance. We use a comparative rater software program to find the best auto and homeowners insurance carrier with the best rates. These are top rated preferred carriers like Travelers, Progressive, Farmers and more. Our group of carriers allows us to write insurance in any part of the state but we do specialize in South Florida's Tri-County areas of Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.

No matter what age you are, no matter what city you're in, no matter what your driving record is, we have the right carrier to fit your needs. Families in Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Senior citizens in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Tamarac or Boynton Beach, we've got the right insurance company for you at the right price. Wellington, Deerfield Beach or drivers with tickets and accidents in Lauderhill, Pompano Beach or Lighthouse Point, we have great options for you too. Just call us or fill out an on-line quote request form and we will provide a quick and accurate quote for you.

What do I need to have in hand (documents, facts, bills, etc.) before I look for an insurance provider?

Bring the Declaration Page of your current or expired policy if you are shopping for a better quote.

For a new purchase IE: Single Family Home, Townhome, Villa, Condo, etc. a copy of the sales contract, windstorm inspection, appraisal if you're obtaining a mortgage and contact info for your mortgage and title companies.

For Auto, Truck, RV or watercraft bring your Driver's License, a copy of your policy, Registration and if you have prior tickets, accidents, comp or collision claims - bring the history of those events.

If you need Flood Insurance, bring your Elevation Certificate if your home is in a High Risk Flood Zone. If you are not sure what to bring, Call our office 954-781-0087 or fax 954-773-2908 and we will help you prepare for the best insurance coverage at the least cost.

Will the location of my home affect my insurance costs?

The location of a home or Condo will affect the cost of the insurance.

Flood Insurance is rated by the location of your building. If your home is in a low risk Flood Zone B,C or X, you can purchase Flood insurance but it is your choice and the premiums are much lower than if your home is located in a High Risk Flood Zone, AE, AH, AO, A, and V.

Homes located West of I-95 are eligible for a combined Wind and Homeowners (Property) insurance policy. Homes located East of I-95 are in the Wind Pool Area and may require two separate policies ? a Wind-Only Policy and a separate Homeowners policy, which we will quote for you.

What does it mean to make sure I insure my home to "replacement value"?

Replacement Value is the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. We use Replacement Cost Estimating software to establish a cost to rebuild, which becomes your Dwelling Coverage amount. The RCE calculates the cost of labor, materials and debris removal in your area to restore your home.

Can I save money on my monthly premium if I add certain safety features to my home?

Adding safety features and Wind Mitigation Features will save you money on your Home and Condo insurance premiums. The savings can be very significant if you add compliant Opening Protection ? IE: Hurricane Shutters, Hurricane Glass, a new current building code compliant roof, or a better roof to wall attachment. A Wind Mitigation Inspection will show areas where you can improve your savings. Adding a monitored Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm to your home or Condo or if you're Condominium adds Sprinklers to your entire Condo building, that can also lower your Condo Unit Owner premium.

How can I ensure that I am working with a reliable home insurance provider?

There are two types of Insurance providers in Florida; Admitted Carriers and Non Admitted Carriers. Citizen Property Insurance Corporation. Is an admitted carrier that was founded by the State of Florida in the wake of hurricane Andrew and is the "insurer of last resort" ? meaning that if there are other Admitted Carriers who can insure your home or Condo, with certain qualifications, you are not eligible for a Citizens policy. To be eligible for Citizens the Admitted carrier's premium must be 15% higher than Citizens for comparable coverage.

Admitted carriers are backed by the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) ? and covers your claim if your carrier is (Admitted) by the Office of Insurance Regulation in Florida. FIGA will pay up to $500,000 in a homeowners claim or $100,000 per condo if you're Admitted Carrier becomes insolvent.

Non-Admitted carriers do not offer the consumer FIGA protection.

    The best way to determine if you are working with a reliable insurance agent is;
  • If your agent has a comparative rater software program that will search out many carriers and give you choices of carriers and help you select the carrier that has the most competitive premium and fits your needs.
  • Finding you the right coverage can take hours and will separate the good agents from the others.
  • Personal referrals from a friend or family are also valuable and this is how Brokers Insurance Group, Inc. is introduced to most of our clients.
  • What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

      How to reach Brokers Insurance Group, Inc.
    • 1719 Banks Road, Margate FL 33063
    • (954) 781-0087
    • FAX (954) 773-2908
    • Web http://brokersinsurancegroup.com/

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