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Understanding Your Home Inspection Report: An Interview with Paul Ciszek of AllPro Home Inspections, LLC

By Paul Ciszek

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

Paul Ciszek is a 4th generation Floridian who's lived in Central Florida his entire life. He has a 25 year background in all phases of construction and home improvement. He started in the construction industry as a framer then moved from there to work for a custom home builder. This provided Paul the opportunity to gain additional experience in each of the trades involved in the home building and finishing process. This job experience lends itself to Paul's extensive knowledge of the way Florida homes are built, the way components work with each other and also how they interact with our local environment.

In 1995 Paul started a home improvement company and put his experience to work for himself. The home inspection business was newly recognized and encouraged in Florida approximately the same time. Paul then decided to take inspection courses through NRI to see if it was something he would enjoy and excel at. It is! Paul founded AllPro Home Inspection, LLC in 1999 and joined InterNACHI in 2004. InterNACHI is the largest home inspection organization in the World. They provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date continuing education training to be found.

How long is a standard home inspection report and when should a client expect to receive it?

There is not a standard home inspection report that I use. My findings are listed in an easy to read computer generated report onsite, then inserts photos in several locations throughout the report prior to completion at the office. It's understood how important this information is to you, therefore we strive to deliver the report via email to the client as quickly as possible. Sometimes within hours of the inspection.

Time limits are not set on the inspection process as each home is different and unique. For this reason it's encouraged that the client or the clients representative be present at the inspection. Your questions and concerns will be willingly addressed before, during or after the inspection.

Can you briefly explain what standards and/or techniques an inspection report in the state of Forida abide by?

I follow the State of Florida and InterNACHI SOP's. But keep in mind SOP is just the minimal you are required to do. I will always try to go beyond both of these SOPs

What are the most important parts of the report for a homeowner or home buyer to read thoroughly?

I do not write summaries, mainly because I want the whole report read by all parties involved, which is because so many of the homes components react with each other a summary would just be a waste of time. It is mostly real estate agents who want a summary not the buyer. I do NOT work for agents (although I get work from agents). I work for my client only!

How do the reports differ for pre-purchase and pre-listing inspections versus insurance inspections?

Home inspections are a lot more detailed and cover all components and areas of the home, this would be true with a pre-purchase also. 4 Pt Ins inspections are just that four points: roof, plumbing, electrical and heating/air. They are not very detailed and are basically an inspection for the underwriting company and not for the homeowner or buyer.

Can you list some of the most common material defects you've seen in Florida houses?

Common defects we normally run into are excessive settling cracks, electrical issues whether it be minor or major problems, older roof coverings or active leakage and sometimes poorly designed or built roof structures that can cost a lot of money to repair. I have seen problems with plumbing, water intrusion, rafters that have been cut to allow installation of air handler units. Every house is different and they have different issues depending on age, location and builder or homeowner modifications. There are a lot of variables.

What advice would you give people on how to follow-up on a material defect in their home inspection report?

The inspection report should be clear about what is a safety, health or unlivable issue or defect that need to be address promptly and possibly before closing. Sometimes it is deferred maintenance that can be taken care over time.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

I can be reached at 863-287-2320 (best form of contact) or emailed at allprohi1@gmail.com (I check this several times a day and night. I serve all of Polk County and western Osceola, southern Lake and northern Highlands and eastern Hillsborough, south west Orange counties.

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