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Training 4 Fitness Provides Customized Fitness And Nutrition Plans

By S. Mathur

Owner Joe Altamura likens Training 4 Fitness to driving lessons for car owners. Somewhat like car owners who don't now how to drive, people with gym memberships don't necessarily understand what they should be doing there.

"Unfortunately, most people don't really have an idea of how they should be training and many lack the motivation to continue to get results and thus become less motivated to exercise and attendance tends to decline dramatically," he said. "After all, it wouldn't make sense to rent a car if you did not know how to drive. Thus, Training 4 Fitness was born. Let us provide the driving lessons."

Altamura opened Training 4 Fitness in Clearwater, FL in 1990 with high-quality personal and small group training programs, fulfilling a longstanding goal.

"Back in the 80's when I was in college I thought to myself, wouldn't it be neat to have a place where people could go to workout and learn how to exercise properly using a certified trainer who would design a customized exercise plan for for them based on their age, goals and abilities and working around any limitations they may have before they spend the money on a typical gym membership, which generally just grants access to the facility and use of the equipment," he said. "To me, this model made more sense than the typical gym model where again, for a minimal fee you could buy a gym membership which would allow you access to the gym so you could use the equipment and that's it."

Altamura visualized a place where each individual would be evaluated before starting an exercise program with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS); where they would be provided with nutritional guidance and given a nutrition plan; and the trainer would provide them accountability and motivation needed to help them succeed. At Training 4 Fitness, the combination of customized programs, nutritional guidance and motivation achieve real results.

Members can choose one on one training or join a small group. Both are equally effective.

"Our group exercise option is customized to each individual's functional needs so it too will help elicit positive results," Altamura said. "We provide our clients with a nurturing environment and caring atmosphere where we know you by name, and are dedicated to developing the overall well-being and health of each individual who seeks our support."

Altamura has a Bachelor's degree in Sports and Fitness Administration and training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, The International Youth Conditioning Association and the Functional Aging Institute. His team are also well qualified and design each client's program with age, gender, physical condition, goals, etc. in mind. Their serve as a consistent source of motivation and accountability which helps clients to reach their goals.

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