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Tips on picking a vacation home

By Christina Kelley

If you can afford it, getting a vacation home is a great idea. Not only might you be saving money compared to a hotel, but you have all the perks that come with owning property. In order to make your experience as smooth and exciting as possible, try to keep in mind the following rules. First make sure you know which local services to call in case of an emergency. Accidents happen, and it will bring you peace of mind to know who to contact when your toilet can't flush or your pipes have burst. Next, always try to pay with a credit card, as it will help protect you from shady businesses and add more legitimacy to your transactions.

If you're renting, talk to the home owner about the linen situation. Everyone deals with their towels and sheets in a different way. Make sure that you know if you can use the house towels, if there are extra towels for the beach and whether you should do the laundry at the end of your stay or if you simply pile everything in one area. Also, don't take any devices and tools for granted. The home owner does not necessarily have to let you use his brand new sound system, and you many not necessarily know how to use a pellet-fed stove, so try to take good care of everything and not experiment too much.

Finally, don't forget to look up the location of the property. Pictures and description can only take you so far. You need to do your homework and figure out how close the property is to a beach you can use, and how far it is from a store, or the town center. Also, make sure to find out if the house has had any changes since the time the pictures were taken.

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