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The Facts About Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation: An Interview with James Gomez of Artistic Pools of Florida Inc.

By James Gomez

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Since 1973, Artistic Pools of Florida (CPC044951 | LP Gas 22656) has continued to solve all of the swimming pool & spa needs of Commercial, Municipal, and Residential properties in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, Polk, Hernando Counties of West Central Florida. Although we are an established firm, we take nothing for granted. We have the energy, experience, talent, and methods to serve you. We hope, from the first conversation to repeat business, that you will get a sense of our honesty, reliability, skill, and sincere eagerness to make you happy. We know that Artistic Pools of Florida delivers and that, as our customer, you will benefit every day.

- Pool & Spa Cleaning & Maintenance: Weekly, Chemical Checks, Temporary, One-time/Emergency, Storm
- Pool & Spa Equipment: Repair, Parts, Replacement, New Installation
- Pool & Spa Chemicals, Accessories, & Supplies
- Pool & Spa Surface: Repair, Acid Wash
- Pool & Spa Tile: Repair, Replacement
- Pool & Spa Coping/Beam: Repair
- Pool & Spa Code Compliance: Health Code (64E-9), Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA), Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Energy Efficiency

What's the main difference between a swimming pool repair and a swimming pool renovation?

Typically a renovation is a refurbishment, replacement, or remodel of an entire part of a pool rather than fixing what is already in place. "Renovation" usually describes a project that involves resurfacing the floor and walls of a pool, updating or replacing all the tile, re-plumbing a whole circulation system, or installing a deck. A "Repair" usually describes patching a surface, replacing some tiles, fixing a deck. Repairs also describe troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing pool equipment. "Service" can be used to describe both cleaning and equipment repairs. Language varies by contractor and geographic service area. We recommend that when inquiring about a project, begin with words such as "equipment" or "surface" or "tile" or "deck" and then proceed to options for fixing (repairing) or redoing (renovating) since repair, service, and renovation can mean different things to different people.

When is the best time for people in Florida to renovate their swimming pools and how long does it typically take?

Florida is a 365 days a year swim environment, especially with gas heaters and electric heat pumps. So renovation happens all year long. We find that September/October (after Labor Day), December (after Thanksgiving), January/February (before Spring Break), May (before Memorial Day), and June (before July 4th) are all busy months for renovations. If the project is a resurface of a residential pool, allow 5-7 days for prep, resurfacing and start-up. If the project includes tile replacement for the residential pool, allow another 2-4 business days. Especially during the hurricane season in Florida, allow for extra time for rainouts and crews getting backed up due to the rainouts.

What options do homeowners have when it comes to renovating their swimming pool?

- Resurface, tile replacement, installation of a pavers deck
- Addition handrails, ladders, and chairlifts
- Addition of a LP gas or natural gas heaters or heat pumps
- Conversion to a salt chlorination system
- Installation of energy efficient pumps
- Addition or automation and wireless controls

What are the most common types of swimming pool repairs that you've seen people in the Tampa Bay area need?

- Pumps/motors
- Heaters/heat pumps
- Underwater lights
- Filters (D.E., sand, cartridge)
- Chemical feeders
- Valves/plumbing/leaks

What advice can you give homeowners about pool maintenance to help them save money on pool repairs and renovations?

Water chemistry. Water chemistry. Water chemistry. pH of 7.2 to 7.8. Test often. Also, cleaning your filters is key to allowing the circulation system to work and saves by reducing service calls from problems related to dirty filters.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

CPC044951 | LP GAS 22656
CALL: 727-536-5055
FAX: 727-507-0076

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