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The Differences Between A Listing And Buying Agent

By Tabitha Naylor

If you are planning to buy a home, you need to do your research first. You are going to need a variety of people to help you with the process to make sure that you are not overpaying, that your legal rights are protected and that you find the home you love. In Florida, as in all states, there are different types of real estate agents.

Real estate agents can work as listing agents or buying agents. They both have a different set of responsibilities and usually deal with a variety of people involved in the home selling and home buying process. When you are buying your home, you are probably going to deal with both of these real estate agents, so it is ideal that you familiarize yourself with the duties of each one, so that you know exactly what is happening at all times. And remember - if you are ever in doubt, feel free to ask the professionals you are dealing with. After all, they are there to answer your questions.

The listing agent, also known as the seller's agent, works with the seller. He or she is the person that evaluates the property, provides the seller with the information they need, informs the seller how much they can expect to get for their home (usually by providing a CMA, or Comparable Market Analysis, which profiles similar properties nearby and what they sold for), and market the property. They are the ones who create marketing materials, schedule showings, conduct open houses and receive any offers for the home (which they then turn over to the seller). If you're a buyer looking at a property you may wind up interacting with the listing agent (at an open house, or during a showing), but it's important to note that they work for the seller, and are contractually bound to sell the property for them at the highest possible price point

Buying agents work with clients to help them find the right home. If and when the right property is found, the buying agent helps you draw up an offer, then brings the offer to the listing agent. All services provided by a buying agent are free for their clients, as this agent is paid a commission by the seller once a deal has been reached. If you're a buyer, it benefits you greatly to partner with a buying agent, especially when you wish to write and submit an offer. As most sellers will respond with a counter offer, you will want to have an experience buyer agent working on your behalf during any negotiations

Agents will always work with you. They have to put your needs above all and they want to make the process as painless for you as possible, but it may be necessary to look around if you can't find one that you click with. The above information is also not very complicated, but it can seem like a lot when you are trying to remember everything else about trying to buy a house. If that is the case, just keep this in mind: the listing agent is the one who goes and talks to the seller and lists the house for sale. The selling agent is the one who works with potential buyers to find the home they are after. They frequently work together and oftentimes end up splitting the commission from a sale.

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