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The Art of Negotiation-Creating A Fair Offer For Your Florida Home

By Tabitha Naylor

The Florida real estate market continues to be in a housing glut except for a few areas. What can you do to get the best deal for your home? Learning how to negotiate and understanding what is most important to buyers can help you sell your property when other properties aren't moving.

Learning to Listen

The first step to good negotiation is listening. Pay special attention to the things buyers want to do to the house if they buy it, and listen for cues that money may be a problem. Often times people are ready to buy at the price you are asking but can't figure out how to come up with the cash they need, in addition to the mortgage, to make the changes that would seal the deal. Other times they may be ready to buy if certain furnishings are included in the deal. Learning how to actively listen for those cues that can make or break a deal are crucial to negotiating a win-win deal that is fair to all parties.

If you are a buyer listen to the needs of the seller. What do they really need out of the deal? Are they indicating things that they are prepared to compromise on? Is time an issue? Are there things you are willing to take on if the seller can give you back money at closing or drop the price a bit? Listen for those things that you may be able to include in your offer to sweeten the deal for the sellers while getting things you need as a buyer.

Crafting a fair offer

If you are a seller and the buyers are eager to buy but need cash to make some changes, consider agreeing on a higher sales price in exchange for more cash back at closing to the buyer. Focus the buyer on the benefits of such an agreement. Make sure the sales price is lower than the appraised value of the home so the buyer won't have a problem getting the mortgage. This can be especially important in the Florida market where prices are already depressed. If the buyers want the appliances, window coverings, want the exterior or interior painted, consider offering that in exchange for a full price offer. Sometimes there is limit on how much cash you can give back to the buyer at closing so always check the laws and refer to your realtor.

If you are a buyer, ask for things that are reasonable. If you want the appliances, and window treatments ask for them, but offer a little more or the full sales price to make it more appealing to the sellers. If price is your primary concern, take on repair work that normally falls to the seller in exchange for a lower price on the house. If you can pay all cash, and time is an issue, you may be able to get a really good price for a quick cash sale.

Listening benefits buyers and sellers. Especially in difficult real estate markets. Always work with your realtor, and listen to their advice because they know Florida areas and they can often sense the underlying concerns, and issues of the other party.

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