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Studio Physique's Lagree Fitness Training Method Will Help You Transform Your Body

By Elisha Neubauer

If you live in the Saint Petersburg, Florida area, and are looking to take your workout to the next level, you may want to check out Studio Physique. Offering what has been referred to as "Pilates on Steroids," Studio Physique is the only fitness facility in Pinellas County currently hosting the famed Lagree Fitness method -- a full and total body workout.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Lagree Fitness method, it has been referenced as the evolution of Pilates. "Lagree Fitness is a patented workout on spring-loaded machines called Megaformers," explains Chris Field, owner and head trainer of Studio Physique. "In fact, every exercise is a full body exercise." According to Field, each workout lasts approximately an hour and combines a number of workout methods, including strength training, cardio, yoga, and Pilates. "People burn between 600-800 calories in our 50-minute group class and the after burn is incredible too: 36-48 hours of a significant metabolic boost," states Field.

The Lagree Fitness method is a low impact workout, despite the intensity, making it great for a varied clientele. "We target slow twitch muscle fibers and create long, lean muscle definition," says Field. "This workout encompasses the key areas of fitness: cardio, strength training, balance & flexibility, endurance, and body composition." The low-to-no impact method and slow moving exercises allows everyone to work side by side. "Any class on the Studio Physique schedule can be someone's Intro Class," says Field.

"The great thing about SP is that we have triathletes working out next to people who have not worked out in years, and people recovering from injuries. Members exercise at their own individual pace." On-staff certified trainers are able to give exercise modifications to people with injuries and make moves more challenging for the elite athletes. "The exercises are also displayed on video monitors which makes following the class a breeze for beginners," Field details. "Beginners will never fall behind or feel inadequate in a class, but they will feel just as challenged as veteran SP Members."

With a limited class size of only 14 people per session, each and every attendee is guaranteed one-on-one instruction. "They can be sure their form, alignment and pace are constantly kept in check," Field announces.

While the membership isn't on the cheapest end of the scale at first glance, the $169 monthly membership actually breaks down to an average of $12 per class. "We offer classes every day and recommend at least 3 classes a week for the best and fastest results," affirms Field. "Studio Physique members do not need to work out anywhere else. The access to the Megaformers and to our dedicated Lagree Fitness certified trainers makes this an ideal fitness plan for busy people who want results fast."

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