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Stay in Shape at Speck Fitness

By Jake Levin

Rachel Speck isn't shy about her biggest fear.

As a former professional dancer, she said that both her and any dancer's biggest fear is becoming out of shape. So, as soon as she retired from dancing, she got into fitness to stay in shape and very quickly fell in love with it. The love at first sight has come a long way over eight years, which is how long she has owned and operated Speck Fitness in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Once a traveling fitness company, Speck Fitness has evolved quite a bit over the first eight years, and Speck said she can only imagine where it will be in another eight.

"I had a vision of a whole new twist to fitness," Speck said of her initial idea. "As a dancer, we were advised to stay away from weights and fitness because they would make us big and bulky. I quickly realized though that that wasn't the case at all. It actually made me stronger and leaner. I was very amazed by the results, so I wanted to learn more so I could help others. I became a certified personal trainer and got certified in Pilates and nutrition as well. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I knew I didn't want to work for another company, but instead start my own fitness company."

Speck described her coaching style as "secretly painful," calling her workouts deceivingly very hard and painful. But since she makes everything look so easy and never yells, it's hard to tell that in reality, her workouts are extremely challenging.

All in a good way, of course. Speck is always talking in a very sweet voice and smiling while giving instructions, luring people into thinking the exercises will be nice and easy. She gives off the appearance of Cinderella and all of a sudden, she's turned evil.

Tendu Toning, one of the programs at Speck Fitness, is a fitness program developed by Speck since she retired from dancing. Described by some as ballet combined with bodybuilding, Speck gave assurances that no prior dancing experience is required.

"Ballet also works muscles that no other workout works, and sculpts the body with long, lean muscles," Speck said. "I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with other dancers so they could reap the benefits of weights and get stronger and more conditioned, but I also wanted to give non-dancers the opportunity to achieve a dancer's body without actually taking ballet classes."

In addition to Tendu Toning, mediums such as Pilates, weight training, interval training, weight loss and diet programs and many more activities are a part of the agenda at Speck Fitness, which Speck herself described as a versatile fitness company.

"We have something that is for everyone, and with our DVDs and Skype Training, you can work out with us from anywhere in the world," she said.

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