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Siegal Chiropractic Unlocks The Potential Of The Human Body Through Attentive Care

By Paul Rowe

Years ago in Chiropractic school, Mitch Siegal was fortunate enough to learn Ethics from one of the foremost authorities and authors on the subject, Dr. Virgil Strang. On the very first day of school an 80-year-old Strang ran down the center of an amphitheater packed with tired students who hadn't had their morning coffee, and their lives were forever changed.

"The message and teachings conveyed to not only me but every student he addressed were that of integrity," Dr. Siegal said. "Do the right thing, treat the people you see as human beings with the love and respect they deserve, and all else will follow. I have lived my life with these simple messages he shared and he was right."

To this day, when Dr. Siegal thinks on Strang and his life changing teachings, Dr. Siegal feels truly alive inside and feels prepared to help all of those who surround him, not only at the clinic, but in each opportunity that arises to do so. Dr. Siegal graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1993 and has been in private practice for nearly 25 years.

Over this time, Dr. Siegal has had the pleasure of getting to know many people from the Palm Beach Gardens area, and feels deeply grateful for the impromptu thanks he receives when he is out and about town. For Dr. Siegal, there is no higher praise and recognition for a job well done than these public encounters with happy patients. One thing is for sure: Dr. Siegal warmly admires the community that has continually honored him.

"My wife Jade is an esthetician," Dr. Siegal said. "She and I grew up here in Palm Beach Gardens. We have both been privy to all the beautiful changes and growth this area has seen."

Dr. Siegal and his wife love the social aspects of the services they provide, and their ability to empathize with patients clearly elevates their quality of work. There is nothing Dr. Siegal appreciates more than sitting down one on one with patients, taking part in real conversations to diagnose each particular ailment and plot a course for recovery.

"It's not always just about Chiropractic as much as it is about listening to the person sitting in front of you," Dr. Siegal said. "To me, this is the most important part of facilitating the healing process. Without truly hearing what the patient is trying to convey, you cannot effectively solve their problem."

These conversations help Dr. Siegal differentiate emotional pain from physical pain, allowing for more effective treatment. When people think about chiropractic care they think of fixing a bone that's out of place. However, often it's much more complicated than this.

"The brain and nervous system are protected by the skull and vertebra; however, common misalignments can have a negative effect on the peripheral nerves that exit the spine," Dr. Siegal said. "These nerves are a conduit to every organ and cell in the body."

"Think of being in your car on I-95 and preparing to exit the off ramp," Dr. Siegal said. "If there is an accident there, cars have a difficult time getting to where they are going, perhaps missing an important appointment to their chiropractor. If you can imagine I-95 is the central nervous system and the off ramp is the nerve that exits to its destination, the chiropractor is the tow truck that removes the disabled car disrupting the normal flow of traffic."

In a nutshell, Dr. Siegal removes nerve interference by adjusting the spine, allowing important corrective information the brain sends out to arrive at every system in the human body. When patients see their chiropractor on a regular basis, their bodies may potentially function at a higher capacity.

Thanks to Dr. Siegal Chiropractic's safe, natural approach to managing pain and other health related issues, the people of Palm Beach Gardens are unlocking the true potential of their bodies and enjoying life to the fullest.

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