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Sail the High Seas with St. Augustine's Black Raven Adventures

By Christian Burney

Black Raven Adventures is one of the best family friendly attractions in St. Augustine. It offers a fun and unique experience, putting guests in the shoes of pirates from yesteryear and sailing into open water.

"Only on the pirate ship Black Raven will you sail on a Spanish Galleon as you go back in time to the golden years of piracy," Grace St. Clare, marketing director for Black Raven Adventures. "No other attraction provides the entertainment that Black Raven does." The family trip includes a fierce sea battle with infamous Blackbeard and his burly vessel, The Queen Anne's Revenge. "Feel the thunder when the cannons roar, witness the swords clashing and enjoy the victory when sharing the conquered booty!" Clare says."

Black Raven Adventures offers several different shows to its guests. There are the family friendly shows, Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt and Birthday Adventure, and an adult only show called Rum Runners. The Black Raven is crewed by the best professional pirates in St. Augustine, and during each outing they will engage and entertain guests with sea shanties, stories, jokes and face painting.

"Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt starts out with Blackbeard and one of his helpers stealing our treasure chest," says Clare. "To prepare the children for the big sea battle, we train the children to swordfight, paint their faces and create a magical word to help defeat Blackbeard. Once the treasure is recovered, each child will bring home their share."

The Rum Runners adult only show is a song and grog-filled evening of skits, stories and laughter. "The Rum Runners shows are for a mature audience and not the easily offended," Clare says. Every Saturday morning Black Raven Adventures hosts a Birthday Adventure. Similar to the treasure hunting expedition, guests will be treated to a staged sea battle with Blackbeard and Captain Hook. Additional treasures await any eager child whose birthday is approaching. "Top it all off with The Happy Birthday Song and a big celebration of Victory and Birthdays with cupcakes and drinks for all," says Clare.

The South's pirate history is rich and intriguing. Black Raven Adventures offers families the chance to live out their wildest swashbuckling fantasies. "Pirates and pirate ships have been romanticized in our modern world," says Clare. "Young and old alike dream of freedom, riches, uncharted realms and treasures to find, not to mention great clothes and weapons of long ago. Come aboard the pirate ship Black Raven and experience the excitement and thrill of yesteryear."

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