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Roof Cleaning 101: An Interview with Peter Leblanc of Under Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Services

By Peter Leblanc

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We at Under Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Services have been in business for 6 years. We are based out of Estero and service all of Lee and Collier Counties. We are fully licensed, insured and all of our employees are covered under Workers Comp.

We specialize in safe, non-pressure roof cleaning, driveway sealing and all types of pressure washing.

What are the signs that homeowners need to watch out for to know if their roofs need cleaning?

Homeowners can usually notice black stains on their tile, shingle or metal roof. That is usually a clear indication of the algae infestation on your roof and it is highly recommended that it be properly cleaned as early as possible.

What are some of the biggest benefits of having your roof cleaned?

There are several benefits to having your roof cleaned. The most important is prolonging the life of your roof. Black algae infestation can completely ruin a roof if left uncleaned. Health risks associated with algae and mold covering your home are also a great reason to having your roof cleaned by a professional. The most common reason homeowners clean their roof is simply to maintain property value. Curb appeal is very important to a home's value and homeowner associations require their roofs to be cleaned regularly.

What are the main differences between the soft wash process and pressure washing in terms of roof cleaning?

The two most common ways of cleaning a roof are either pressure washing or non-pressure roof cleaning.

Pressure washing is pretty self-explanatory, but there are several negative reasons to avoid pressure washing your roof. First off, applying high pressure to any type of roofing surface will cause a great deal of damage to either the shingle or tile. Another reason is that pressure washing only sprays away the top layer of the algae. The spores remain and are still alive. Pressure washing does not actually kill the algae.

Non-pressure roof cleaning is by far the most accepted and proven technique in the roof cleaning community. This method simply uses a cleaning solution to kill and eliminate the algae and spores that are growing on your roof. There is no pressure associated with the application of the cleaning solutions, so there is no damage to your roof at all. No cracked or broken tiles, no shooting off the granules of the shingle, nothing like that at all. Our cleaning solution actually kills the algae spores, so your roof will stay cleaner much longer than if the algae was still alive after the cleaning. Overall, non-pressure roof cleaning is a much safer and effective technique of cleaning roofs.

Which type of cleaning is more effective for long-term results? Why?

Non-pressure roof cleaning is by far the superior cleaning process to ensure the longest lasting results. This method actually kills the algae and spores completely ensuring there are no other living infestations on your roof. This is the only way to ensure the longest lasting cleaning of your roof.

What is the advantage of hiring a professional for the roof cleaning process?

There are several "roof cleaners" out there. Painters, pool guys, handymen, landscapers are just a few to mention. These tradesmen are probably highly skilled in the area of their expertise, but usually know very little about the proper techniques for cleaning a roof. I wouldn't hire my mechanic to do my taxes, would you?

Professionals are always licensed, insured, carry workers comp, have the proper equipment and most of all, know the proper techniques to cleaning a roof.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Our clients can always reach me at 239-218-5085, or they can email me at peter@underpressurehomewashing.com. Many people like to visit our website to learn more about our services at www.underpressurehomewashing.comm.

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Jorge L Lugo

We are agreed with Mr: Leblanc non-pressure roof cleaning is a much better way to clean the roofs long lasting results and no damaged. Smart Pressure Cleaning use similar technique.

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Bruce Williams

I've heard some good things about Under Pressure, but if you are considering another SWFL option consider Pelican Pressure Cleaning [http://www.pelicanpressurecleaning.com

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