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Rendez-Vous: French Cuisine Meets The Floridian Palate In Sarasota

By Paul Rowe

After visiting friends living in Florida, Joel Garcia fell in love with the sunshine state's beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere. Shortly after this, Garcia decided to take the opportunity to experience the United States by immersing himself in its rich culture while sharing a bit of France through artisanal pastries and food. Rendez-Vous was founded in Sarasota as a result of this desire.

"The atmosphere we offer at Rendez-Vous is to provide only the best in service and food to the customers," Garcia said. "We aim to please everyone in our bakery with our diverse menu and pastry assortments."

Remaining faithful to building a welcoming and easygoing atmosphere has paid off for Garcia and his talented staff of bakers and servers. The genial artisans at Rendez-Vous constantly strive to get to know their customers. This kind of welcoming atmosphere combines with delicious treats to keep Garcia's committed clientele coming back for warm treats and memories.

From the delectable Classique, a classic French baguette with butter and jam, to La Riviera, a delicious sandwich on a crusty French baguette with chicken, sundried tomatoes, romaine lettuce, mayonnaise, and chives, Rendez-Vous provides brings classic French delicacies to Sarasota.

The sandwiches here are tantalizing delicacies that include Le Pan Bagnat, a mouthwatering masterpiece filled with tuna, mayonnaise, carrots, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, and black olives. If duck is your forte, Rendez-Vous' menu is home of Le Canard, filled with smoke duck breast flamed with Grand Marnier, with a tasty side salad. Most Americans have not even tasted such delicacies, but thanks to Garcia, Floridian food culture has warmly embraced French culinary traditions.

For customers seeking an ideal brunch with friends, Le Croque-Monsieur beckons with its toasted ham and cheese on bread with béchamel sauce, and Le Croissant Jambon/Fromage tantalizing with its toasted ham and melted cheese, flaky croissant, and béchamel sauce.

On the hand other hand, Sarasotans who desire more health-conscious items delight to find La Fresh gracing the menu at Rendez-Vous, a fresh salad with Romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, diced cheese, and sweetcorn. Moreover, La Nicoise shines through mixing boiled eggs, tuna mayonnaise, and black olives in salad form.

"Personally, my favorite item on the menu is our almond croissant," Garcia said. "Its flaky exterior and sweet almond paste make for a delicious morning or afternoon treat."

Rendez-Vous stands out because of its dazzling options and its personable care to both cooking and clientele. Garcia and his team have gifted Sarasota with a true gem, and they plan to give their city their best efforts for years to come.

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