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Relax Upon Entry at SaraBella's Massage Therapy

By Jake Levin

Sarah Baar had never once thought of pursuing massage therapy as a profession. She was living in New York City, navigating corporate America, seeking other opportunities that could help people. After giving her friends neck and back massages just for fun, Baar had someone tell her that she was skilled enough to pursue it as a profession. And so after completing some basic training, she opened up SaraBella's Massage Therapy in July 2013 in Sarasota, Fla.

"I wanted my time to be worth something," Baar said. "I craved real time connections with others and voila, massage therapy became the outcome of these concepts."

Baar's clients take note of how relaxed they feel as soon as they enter the studio, a byproduct of the positive energy created with an office full of employees that genuinely enjoy their work. The décor is fresh and light, Baar said, further helping them to feel at ease.

"[It's] like they are stepping in to an oasis from the stress of everyday life," Baar said.

Baar sees the body as a work of art, a beautiful structure which occasionally gets stuck in a negative pattern. This can happen in myriad of ways, such as sitting in front of a computer for too long, endless hours driving, or just general emotional stress. Whenever the pain does strike, Baar is there to ensure that the body returns to its optimal form for optimal function.

"When I massage, it is almost like sculpting the tissue, coaxing it to release tensions and stagnation in order to move more freely," Baar said. "It is 're-sculpted' in to a more ideal state."

The No. 1 reason a potential client should see Baar is because she listens to them. No matter how many times they have worked together before, Baar will always ask them how they are feeling on that given day. She's then able to cater her treatment to exactly what the client needs in that moment.

She feels as though massage therapy is an effective way to bring about self-awareness, both physically and mentally.

"I am there for them, to be a conduit for their healing," Baar said. "Pain and tension can be very consuming, and bodywork can help to unify the mind and body and ease those pains and sources of discomfort. If someone is open to receiving this intent to guide the body in to healing itself, and feeling supremely relaxed in the process, then they should come and see me."

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