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Pure Pilates: Explaining the Trend's Popularity with Owner Susan Clark

By Elisha Neubauer

Pilates has been rushing the nation with popularity over the last few years, filling a spot in just about every gym and dance studio in town. This increased interest stems from the core elements of the workout and the ease and accessibility with which one can jump right in and get the most of their workout time.

So what are these core elements? We decided to chat with Susan Clark, Owner and Master trainer of Pure Pilates, located in Pensacola, Florida, to find out what drives the fascination with this urban workout method.

"Pilates is based on the principles of Breath, Concentration, Centering, Core, Flow, Balanced Muscle Development, Precision, Rhythm, and Relaxation," Clark details for us. "These principles are incorporated into each exercise and throughout the session." She explains that Pilates focuses on utilizing proper posture, in addition to correct muscle firing positions, to alleviate pain. It is also great for preventing or rehabilitating injuries, on top of its workout properties.

"The workout creates balance between the big global muscle groups with the small stabilizing muscle groups, making it a full body workout," states Clark. "Both the mat classes and equipment classes will strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, challenge the core, improve posture, and challenge your balance. In 10 sessions you will feel better and in 20 sessions you will look trimmer and more toned!"

One of the many reasons behind the workout's popularity, according to Clark, is that it is spring loaded, making it safe for the joints, allowing a wider variety of people to participate, pain-free. "Also, the muscle development is a long lean tone rather than a short bulky build," she says. "The focus on proper alignment and firing patterns reduces the risk of injury, as well."

According to Clark, Pilates has become a great modality in the physical therapy world over the past couple of years because of the aforementioned principles and it has shown benefits to reduce low back pain and stabilize the pelvis. "The equipment can easily accommodate to anyone's height, weight, age, and needed resistance," Clark affirms.

"The choreography can easy be modified due to the client's injury and rehabilitation goals." An additional perk to Pilates, making it a good fit for those with injuries or new to workouts, is the classroom size. "Pilates studios are usually a small quite space that have limited class sizes, whereas, gyms are large spaces with big classes," she exclaims. "Pilates teachers are able to keep their eyes and hands on the clients throughout the session to make sure everything is correctly performed and the appropriate resistance is being used."

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