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Pamper Your Pet at Woof Gang Bakery

By Jessica Metcalf

For many, pets are family members- and don't all family members deserve to be pampered with gourmet treats every once in a while? Woof Gang Bakery on Kingspointe Parkway in Orlando offers gourmet treats, healthy pet foods, pet supplies, and accessories.

Nine years ago, founder Paul Allen wanted to create a welcoming bakery that catered to the unique needs of dogs and their owners. Woof Gang Bakery was born from that dream and has since become a powerhouse in the gourmet dog treat industry.

Woof Gang Bakery is a leader in raw frozen diets, kibble, and canned and dehydrated dog and cat food. Allen believes that the best nutrition comes from healthy, natural ingredients, and says that all private label products are "sourced, baked and made in America, using humane grade ingredients."

Walking into the Woof Gang Bakery store, customers are treated to bright colors and friendly service from knowledgeable staff. The treats are well made- and dogs and cats seem to like them! Allen says,"our gourmet, baked, in-store dog treats are the most popular."

If you really want to pamper your pet, Woof Gang Bakery also offers luxury grooming services. Allen adds,"our stores offer full and self service grooming, in a spa setting." The spa services at Woof Gang Bakery are all held at the "Paw Spa" and it is Woof Gang's pledge that they will treat all pets as if they are their own. All spa treatments include luxurious and healthy products that will make sure your dog or cat's coat, skin, teeth and nails look, smell and feel better than ever!

In 2014, Woof Gang Bakery was awarded with a Retailer Excellence Award at the Global Pet Expo and was also ranked number fifteen on "Pet Business" magazine's 2014 Top 25 Retailers list. The Bakery currently boasts 47 stores across seven states (Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, Kansas, Nevada and Texas,) with plans for continued expansion around the U.S. They have recently added veterinarian services in some locations, along with Doggie Day Care.

Bringing your pet to the Woof Gang Bakery is more than just a treat for pets; it's a treat for pet owners as well. Your pet will leave the Bakery full of gourmet treats and smelling fresh and clean after a spa treatment. Doesn't your fur baby deserve to be pampered?

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