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Organic, Food-Grade Personal Care Products Support Holistic Wellness at Starflower Essentials

By Kelly Church

What started in a biodynamic farming community has become a fully-realized business opportunity through Starflower Essentials, a holistic products company with more than 100 products for the skin, bath and overall wellness. Founder and owner Cherylyn Van Kirk started her Sarasota, FL-based company 23 years ago to offer personal products with the same high quality ingredients you could find in a garden.

"Making herbal formulas for the skin became a hobby of mine, and I loved wild crafting and growing herbs in the garden, and making tinctures and extracts for my family's medicine cabinet," Van Kirk said. "I realized that there was a real need in the U.S. for quality herbal based skincare."

That's when she decided to create Starflower Essentials. Products are formulated with organic, food grade ingredients. They're formulated without propyls, parabens and chemicals, making them safe for all bodies. According to Van Kirk, ingredients that are grown bio-dynamically are more nutrient dense than their alternatives.

"Your skin is alive," Van Kirk said. "It needs natural cleaning, conditioning, repair and maintenance. Organically grown plants and oils, processed for food consumption, are holistic by nature and their minimal processing allows their substance integrity to remain intact and vital."

Favorites of Van Kirk's include the Royal Rejuve Hydrating Serum, a nighttime concentrate that is designed to help the skin's natural renewal processes. The SkinDance Face Moisturizer is a Starflower Essentials best seller that evens skin tone, reduces the size of the pores and improves elasticity.

New from Starflower Essentials are skin tonics. These drinkable teas feature ingredients that detoxify, aide in healing and ultimately reveal glowing skin. EnerChi removes toxins from the body and improves mental clarity. Red Reishi promotes longevity and Van Kirk called it one of the most versatile healing tonics in the world. Moringa is a superfood often found in Ayurvedic medicine and is believed to treat a wide variety of conditions.

In a letter to her customers on her company's website, Van Kirk calls Starflower Essentials a labor of love. Everything from the ingredients to each product's packaging is thought out to create a comprehensive line that encourages wellness and safety in personal care. To find out more about Starflower Essentials, visit starflower.com.

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