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Nice Branding Agency Does a Mean Job of Marketing

By Pamela Sosnowski

In order for a business to succeed, it needs more than a quality product or service: it needs to be branded and promoted properly. Since 2007, Nice Branding Agency has been helping businesses in the Lakeland, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee areas of all sizes and industry succeed by coordinating their branding efforts. That includes everything from logo design, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

"Nice Branding Agency is a multifaceted company," Samantha Bamaca, the firm's content strategist said. "Not only do we specialize in branding and graphic design, but we are also experts in marketing and web design. Many companies only cater to one of those disciplines, while we see the importance and the connectivity of them all for your business. In order to be successful in your marketing efforts, your brand and website must be on point."

Although it can take on any client, Nice specializes in restaurant branding, and will consider all of the contact a potential customer will have with a dining establishment when it creates a marketing plan. This includes not just the branding of the website and menu, but the more minute details such as the plates customers will eat from, the take-out boxes they may leave with, and the decor on the walls.

"In the restaurant industry, it is imperative to create a brand that completely captivates each and every guest even before they walk through the door," states Nice's website. "Restaurants are heavily dependent on word-of-mouth advertising and having a constant buzz around town to keep patrons coming back time and time again. We utilize various advertising and social media outlets to make this happen, and all that we ask of you is to continue creating and serving up delicious dishes."

The agency is headed by owner and creative director Amy Dennis, who founded the company to help local businesses succeed. Her team is made up of graphic designers, web developers, and digital strategists with a variety of industry background and creative interests. One thing they all have in common is a shared belief that each brand is like an individual and deserves personalized attention.

"Our work speaks for itself and many of our processes have resulted in success for our clients," Bamaca said. "We are a company composed of seasoned professionals with creative, strategic minds. Therefore, we can guarantee individualized attention and a collective, unfailing work ethic."

Some of Nice's clients include urgent care center Owl Now, roofing company Springer-Peterson, Gold's Gym, and Johnson's BBQ. They've even overhauled branding for a beekeeping company.

"The Polleneers are a group of beekeepers and landscape architects in Tennessee," Bamaca said. "Nice Branding has been alongside them from the start, providing complete branding and marketing support. We created their logo, their website, employee apparel, and various marketing materials such as business cards, banner stands, and garden show booth design."

The agency has offices in Lakeland and Nashville and may be contacted to answer any questions about branding needs and provided services. As their website says, "Why be mean when you can be nice?"

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