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Moving to College: A Checklist

By Tiffany Raiford

Moving from your parents house to college is something most new college students look forward to for years. It's the first step to independence and adulthood, and it's something that offers a bit of freedom. However, moving into a dorm is not all fun and games all the time. There is a long list of things you need to do to prepare for college, and this list is going to help you get started.

What to Pack

Packing for a dorm or off-campus apartment is a difficult process. It's not likely to be a big place, so you can't take everything with you. What you'll want to do is pack what you need, and leave everything else at home. For example, you're going to want your clothes, but you won't have room for everything. You're going to want to take what you'll need and also understand that a washing machine and dryer are not right there like they are at mom and dad's house. You're also not going to be able to take your large furniture, as it will not fit in your room.


Real furniture is not something you'll need in a dorm. You'll have a bed and dresser in there, so you're going to want supplies instead of furniture. You're going to want a small fridge and toaster oven or microwave so you can cook at home. You're also going to want to have other essentials of this nature, such as a small container of cleaning supplies and dishes. You'll want disposable dishes, however, since you won't have a kitchen.


When moving into a dorm, it's important that you consider your toiletries very carefully. For example, you will not be given your own private bathroom. You will share a community bathroom with several others on your dorm floor, which means you won't be able to leave your belongings in the bathroom. You'll want a toiletry bag, small items that you can carry easily back and forth, shoes you can wear in the shower and you'll want several robes and towels.


The most important thing to consider when moving to college is your electronics. You'll want a computer, a printer and anything else you'll need to continue your college education. A laptop is a better choice because it's portable and takes up the last amount of space in your dorm room.

In addition to this checklist of most important items to bring with when you move into your dorm, you'll want to contact your college to ask for a list of prohibited items. There are specific things not permitted in dorm rooms, and you'll want to know what those are prior to doing your back-to-school dorm room shopping.

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