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Mo' Technology, Mo' Problems: Fighting Back with Pain Relief Centre of Saint Augustine

By Elisha Neubauer

Back pain has been a common problem in our everyday lives for as long as man can remember. Across history, mankind has been attempting to find unique ways to cure the ailing pain of back and neck problems using everything from strategically placed tattoos - like Otzi, the Iceman, who dates back to 3200 BC - or primitive forms of acupuncture, arising in the Shang Dynasty, approximately 1600-1100 BC). With time, man has succeeded in creating new methods and technology to help with this ever-constant struggle to relieve each other's pain.

Although technology has helped improve these methods over time, as with most things, it brings new problems. We sat down to talk to Scott Fechter, Owner of the Pain Relief Centre in Saint Augustine, Florida, about these new problems recently. "There are several things in our daily life that contribute to back and neck pain," states Fechter.

"Although technology has helped our society in many ways, it has taken a toll on our bodies." He described a new ailment to us, one that has only begun appearing with the invention of Smartphones. It is called 'Text Neck', and comes from frequent texting and Smartphone use, which causes us to keep the head down, putting undue stress upon the spine. "This phenomenon is where a patient begins to experience neck pain from placing the neck in a flexed position for prolonged periods of time," he explains. "This can lead to stress on the joints and tightness in neck muscles, resulting in pain."

Of course, cell phones aren't the only new device wreaking havoc on our bodies. Fechter tells us that a sedentary lifestyle from prolonged computer work can also put stress on our spines and decondition our muscles. "Muscles were made to move," he states. "Sitting for prolonged periods can cause muscle weakness in some areas and tightness in others. Overall, this causes dysfunction and pain." Couple sitting for long periods of time with bad posture and poor diet, and Fechter calls it a recipe for disaster.

"Poor nutrition is another way we can cause widespread inflammation in the body and exacerbate musculoskeletal pains," he exclaims. "To minimize these issues, we need to get up and move!" Regular exercise helps to ease the pains caused by frequent sitting and meal prep and supplementation helps to improve nutrient, which also helps ease pains. "Making better selections such as whole foods, fresh produce, and fruit are ways to easily improve our diet," Fechter adds. "Minimizing processed food can help in maintaining a healthy weight which also puts less stress on our spines and joints."

When it comes to get a little help for these pains, we asked Fechter what they offer to patients at his clinic. "Chiropractors mainly treat the spine but we can also treat extremities," he states. At the Pain Relief Centre, they utilize several different methods to help their clients lower their pain levels. "We use therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, traction, and exercises to help decrease inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain.

Chiropractic adjustment gently moves the segments of the spine to increase joint mobility and function." He also tells us that massage therapy is another great tool in the Pain Relief Centre's toolbox. "Chiropractic and massage therapy are good strategies because they are non-invasive," Fetcher explains. "They are conservative measures with minimal side effects that can greatly benefit many patients with musculoskeletal aches and pains."

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