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Mindful Massage Offers Highly Individualized Massage Treatment

By S. Mathur

Clients agree that Mindful Massage is well named. Owner and Massage Therapist Christopher Manning provides highly individualized treatment, finding the trouble spots without any guidance. He appears to know intuitively just the right amount of pressure to apply, and when to ease up. Mindfulness is at the core of Manning's own philosophy and informs his practice at his Coral Gables FL studio.

"In my opinion, INTENTION is the key," he said. "I never set out to give a 'great' massage, I always set the intention to 'make a connection' with the client on the table. I stay present in the session because every body on the table is different, you can't give a cookie cutter massage, as that just doesn't create trust with your client."

What makes him a great massage therapist is understanding that each client and each session is different. Each session is keyed in to that particular body on that particular day.

Mindfulness was also behind Manning's decision to become a massage therapist. He was living in New York City, with a career in theatre, when 9/11 happened. It pushed him, like so many others, towards sadness and introspection.

"I was searching my heart for a way that I could do something that would more directly help people to heal," he said. "I always remember my first experience receiving a massage and that feeling of blissfully floating between consciousness and sleep; experiencing that lightness of being that came from that very safe space and being able to allow my stresses to literally lift off my shoulders in that one hour. I decided then that I would go to massage school and become the best massage therapist I could be to be able to connect with clients in a way that would heal, not just pamper."

Manning has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002, and has worked at prestigious locations like the Marriott Grand Vista and Walt Disney resorts in Orlando, and the Standard Spa and Exhale Mind Body Spa in Miami. His studio shares space with a brow design expert.

"Mindful Massage Miami is conveniently located in the heart of Coral Gables, the city beautiful," Manning said. "I have tried to create a space that is an oasis of serenity in the midst of a busy city. My massage room is dimly lit with a Himalayan salt lamp and candles, and the aroma of essential oils fills the air."

At any location, there will be a heated massage table, warm coconut oil or massage cream, aromatherapy, warm towels, and music.

"Mindful Massage Miami creates a safe space for touch therapy where clients can just breathe in the aromatherapy and breathe out the stresses of the day," Manning said. "Oh, and by the way, also get very specific muscle work accomplished. The more relaxed the client is, the deeper and more specific muscle work can be done."

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