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Meeting the Gold Standard of Charbroiled Steaks at Tropical Acres Steakhouse

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

In spite of two devastating fires, this year is the well-respected Ft. Lauderdale's Tropical Acres Steakhouse 67th anniversary serving dinners, banquets and weddings in Southern Florida. "Our philosophy through the years," says Co-Owner Jack Studiale, "has always been to give the customer the most value for their dollar. Value is a lot more than menu prices, it is the way you are greeted and treated. It's the little extra comforts and courtesies that make dining out a special occasion."

A great steakhouse always starts with high-quality beef. Greenlaw states, "Not only are we particular as to whom we buy from, but we also track each case down to where the beef was raised and packed." Once the best beef is chosen and shipped, the beef is trimmed and butchered in house.

"Most often the butchering is done by a family member, often my uncle Jack or cousin Joe Studiale", continues Greenlaw. "In this way we are able to constantly monitor the quality of our beef from its shipment to preparation to the table. This attention to detail is what makes Tropical Acres stand above other steakhouses.

Tropical Acres charbroils their steaks in an open pit where expert grill cooks are a must. "Knowing the nuances of the char broiler and how to utilize them is key," explains Greenlaw. As a testament to the restaurant's longevity, the head grill chef has been at Tropical Acres for over 40 years with 11 other employees working there for over 25 years.

Their best-selling entrée is the Filet Mignon. Prime Rib, New York Strip, Lobster Tails and Crab Cakes are also extremely popular menu items. Aside from number of choice steak cuts, you can also find seafood items from salmon, shrimp, scrod, lobster tail, scallop and mahi dishes to an Italian Seafood Special made with clams, scallops, fish and mushrooms on angel hair pasta with red or white sauce.

Tropical Acres takes great pride in being attentive to customer's needs. "At least one member of our family is always at the desk to greet our guests, and many nights there are three or four of us," exclaims Joe Studiale! Loyalty to their guests and from their employees keeps Tropical Acres running smoothly.

"We are confident that we buy the best meats and prepare it exactly to the customer's request," Greenlaw tells us. Quality oriented and cost conscious do not usually go hand in hand, but they are the gold standard at Tropical Acres, and their vendors know that very well. As hands-on owners, food or time is never wasted. He continues, "We are not perfect, no business is, but we always strive for perfection." The continued quest for perfection brings both customer and employee loyalty decade after decade.

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