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Meet Florida's Leader in Nonprofit Education and Training

By Elisha Neubauer

Nonprofits generally aim to better the community, to look out for worthy causes and help those in need. But who looks after the nonprofits, ensuring they are protected, educated, and in a position to continue helping others? Enter the Florida Association of Nonprofits- a company that strives to 'enhance the well being of all people in the communities in Florida by building the capacity of the nonprofit sector.'

The organization first got its start in 1990 as a way to provide a voice to the nonprofits throughout the state of Florida. They provide such services as Help, Education, Advocacy, Research, Training, Savings (HEARTS) and have a proven track record of assisting all of the 52,000 nonprofit organizations either directly or indirectly. They reach out, helping in leadership, management, financial, and public policy capacity in order for the nonprofit to reach their respective mission.

"Florida Nonprofits offers its Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management in cooperation with Nova Southeastern University, the Fischer School of Education and Broward College," explains Marina Pavlov, President and CEO of the Florida Association of Nonprofits. "Classes are geared towards the professional growth of nonprofit executives, board members, staff, volunteers and others interested in nonprofit sustainability and well being."

The classes are taught using an eleven module system entitled LEADERSHIP: Leadership, Executive Training, Accounting, Democracy, Events, Revenue, Sponsorship, Human Resources, Information-revolution, and Planning.

The organization really goes to bat for the Florida Nonprofits, ensuring every voice is heard by utilizing key spokespeople in optimal positions in both local and state government. "State-wide advocacy for nonprofits in Florida distinguishes our organization," states Pavlov. "We have a lobbyist who represents us in Tallahassee, and through our combined efforts, achieved success in passing Senate Bill 124 by Senator Greg Evers which deals with public-private partnership."

But it's not just meetings and conferences; the Florida Association of Nonprofits strives to make sure everyone truly enjoys being part of the nonprofit sector. "Participating in Nonprofit Days in the State Capital is another means towards growing nonprofits in Florida to help achieve their goals and objectives while even having fun," Pavlov tells us.

In addition to being a voice in government meetings, the Florida Association of Nonprofits offers start-up aid, conferences, and representation at national conferences. "We also publish a Nonprofit Sourcebook which serves to provide a one-stop shopping compendium of profit, nonprofit and government resources, articles and information pertinent to businesses and communities," says Pavlov.

If you're wondering why they do it?don't worry, we asked. "Communities have been enhanced by bringing resources, funds and volunteer workshops through community leaders to promote new policies for a better Florida," Pavlov proudly details. "We advocate for health and social services for the least among us and use the arts to stimulate our souls, which includes faith based organizations, environmental groups and educational agencies."

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