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Martial Arts Kickboxing Promotes a Heathy Lifestyle With the Most Effective Cardio and Toning Exercise

By S. Mathur

Martial Arts Fitness opened in 2010 and offers martial arts and fitness for the entire family. The accessibility and effectiveness of these programs are what sets MA Fitness apart. Manager Matt DiPietro explains that the focus is on empowering people.

"Anyone can take part in the classes regardless of skill or fitness level. We have worked with everyone from the the out of shape mom to the college athlete and everyone gets a great workout within the same class. You have the opportunity to pick it up or slow it down and see the results from coming to classes regardless of where you are starting from."

For anyone wondering if they will get enough cardio in the classes, the short answer is, yes. "The kickboxing classes are 'conditioning based', says DiPietro, "which means their focus is to improve cardio endurance and achieve maximum calorie burn in the 45 minute class. By using interval training in combination with hitting a heavy bag you begin targeting fat stores and melting the extra weight you may be carrying."

A unique training method at MA Fitness is heart and workout rate tracking on a big screen TV during the workout, so people can see how hard their bodies are working. An email after class also lets you track your progress with each session. Kickboxing classes are led by certified instructors. They begin with heavy bag combinations of punches, kicks and body weight movements for six rounds, and finish off with an ab session and cool down stretching.

The unique C.O.B.R.A self-defense program is a 10-week course with a law enforcement background. It teaches reality-based self-defense tactics and may include: strikes, knife defense, escapes, anti-abduction techniques, open hand defense, everyday weapons and more. The COBRA program is open to all ages and beginners. DePietro says that it offers "vital information in understanding how a criminal "hunts", intent, and how to diffuse a situation as well as defend yourself physically."

The classes are popular with parents who might be worried about the bullying their kids face in school. The Anti-Bullying Campaign teaches kids how to stand up for themselves and how to use the fitness and self-defense lessons to act confidently in the real world. Anyone trying to decide which program is right for them can sign up for a free class by filling out the online form.

The popular 10 week goal/weight loss ACTION program combines kickboxing, strength classes and nutrition coaching. The program guarantees and delivers results, DiPietro says. With meal plans, shopping lists, calorie intake charts and personalized tips, it promotes healthier eating while improving your fitness. And the best part, he says, "is that you have your coach with you every step of the way."

Client's have uniformly positive experiences to report about the instructors, classes and results: "MA Fitness is by far the best experience I've had for a total workout. The instructors are nonjudgmental, extremely helpful and enthusiastic about teaching the right moves to get you through. I would definitely recommend this class."

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