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Lifting Big Equals Living Big At Lakeland Ideal Fitness Training

By Pamela Sosnowski

For most people, the idea of CrossFit training can be intimidating and something meant for professional athletes only. But according to Robert Hull, owner and coach at Lakeland Ideal Fitness Training (LIFT), his clients often say, "I can't believe I didn't start this sooner. It's way easier to start than I thought."

Even though CrossFit?which incorporates elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, and more?can be a challenging workout, LIFT's staff believes that anyone can do it. "Our CrossFit program is extensively safe and effective," says Hall. "CrossFit uses progressions to assist all fitness levels, lowering the anxiety of being out of place. It allows for all members to progress in their fitness uniquely while competing with like-fitted members."

Hull knows first-hand how difficult it can be to launch into a fitness regimen, because he used to be out of shape himself. After hitting 220 pounds he implemented some changes in his life by cutting alcohol and unhealthy foods from his diet, running, and experimenting with various exercise programs. But CrossFit provided him with the variety and overall body training that he loved, and he became certified in its training. Since he was a newbie himself, he especially loves teaching those that are unfamiliar with CrossFit.

Community is a big part of CrossFit training, and LIFT's classes bring together people from different walks of life to train together: emergency response workers, grandparents, moms, office workers, and more become instantly bonded. "CrossFit utilizes the power of community, a strong and tightly knit community, to encourage everyone to come back day after day," says Hull. "You become close to everyone around you in a way that outside communities just can't accommodate.

Classes use a range of exercises and moves to help clients burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, and gain strength and energy. An hour can include performing squats and burpees, Olympic lifts, basic gymnastic positions, and no two workouts are ever exactly the same. No matter what the move, however, all coaches teach how to do them in a safe, effective manner with modifications for those who can take on an advanced version. "We see constant improvement in ALL areas at once in all of our members?mobility, strength, skill acquirement?without injury," says Hull.

The gym's clients share many success stories from eliminating medications due their improved health from being able to run full marathons. With its team of dedicated, motivating coaches and convenient workout schedule, it's easy to see why the gym's motto is, "We lift big in the gym to live big in out in the world."

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