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Kinetic Sports Massage Brings Athletes to Top Performance with Sports-Specific Therapy

By Kelly Church

Kinetic Sports Massage is a Sarasota and Bradenton, FL massage studio with services specifically designed for athletes. Owner Susan Farhat opened her studios after developing an interest in the body and how it recovers from long training sessions. Farhat started her business as a one-woman show in a single room in 2009. Her business now employs six therapists and she has two locations.

"Kinetic was born from my love of massage and my interest in triathlons," Farhat said. "I realized how important it was to have a massage therapist who understood the sport. We have since grown to work on all types of athletes and non-athletes alike."

The studio specializes in sports massage, offering 30-120 minute treatments. These massages are tailored to the individual and what their body needs. For athletes in particular, massage keeps the muscles flexible and reduces muscle soreness. The goal, according to Farhat, is to keep all athletes working at their top performance ability.

Not only does Kinetic Sports Massage offer massage therapy, but Farhat has incorporated cupping into her business as well. Cupping is a treatment that has been used for centuries and has recently grown in popularity among athletes especially. The cups are used to apply suction to the body to help release tension in tight muscles, regain mobility, and relieve soreness.

"The cupping modality paired with massage can be highly beneficial to clients," Farhat said. "Cupping pulls stagnant blood to the surface more intensely than massaging alone, giving clients quicker results to healing damaged tissue. Massaging first allows the therapist to assess where the cups will be needed most, as well as lubricate the skin."

The clientele at Kinetic Sports Massage includes professional athletes, tri-athletes, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder patients, youth athletes and even those recovering from surgery.

"The Kinetic family of therapists holds themselves to the highest standards possible for providing a uniquely personal treatment for their clients," Farhat said. "Each body is different; each treatment is different. We continue to take elective courses to further our knowledge and skill base to accommodate our clients' needs."

Kinetic Sports Massage has an online booking system for both studio locations. To find out more about Kinetic Sports Massage or book an appointment, visit kineticsportsmassage.com.

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