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Kurtos Cakes a Delicacy Developing a Legacy

By Jake Levin

Upon moving to Sarasota, Fla. after graduating college, Aniko Gulyas missed her native Hungary.

Above all else, she missed the flavors of her home, where she always cooked in Hungarian flavors. Even with those ingredients not as readily accessible in the Sunshine State, Gulyas sought to contribute traditional Hungarian cuisine to the Sarasota area. Her efforts yielded Kürtős Cakes, also called chimney cakes, which are 100 percent natural, handcrafted and baked.

"Not fried!" pointed out Gulyas.

Preserving her Hungarian roots became of extra importance to Gulyas and her husband after she gave birth to twins. The Kürtős cakes-Chimney cakes were a hit with one of her sons, the one which happens to be the pickiest eater in the family, according to Gulyas, so she knew she had a winner on her hands.

"Kürtős cakes-Chimney cakes are uniquely shaped, freshly baked European style pastries made with only eight all natural ingredients without any artificial or preservatives," Gulyas explained of her product. "We hand roll our fresh dough onto a wooden cylinder individually, then roll it into turbinado sugar and carefully bake it in a special oven designed only for this purpose."

A cake takes only about five minutes to be fully baked, during which time the sugar caramelized. Toppings for the cakes are plentiful, a list including cocoa, almond, cinnamon, walnut, pumpkin, and more. All of the toppings create a surface which is both mildly sweet and crispy, while the interior remains perfectly soft.

Gulyas said she enjoys serving the Sarasota community, which has grown close to her heart since. She points to the rich cultural and gastronomical life in a city full of positive and wonderful people, who are all avid supporters of small businesses such as her own and farmers markets.

Kürtős Cakes-chimney cakes has caught on beyond Sarasota, too.

"After almost two years baking Kürtős Cakes-chimney cakes in town, we are well-known now and enjoy receiving the community's support and positive feedbacks," Gulyas said. "Though we never planned on it, due to popular demand we also started shipping our cakes in the continental USA; soon, we will be offering franchising opportunities nationwide."

Gulyas said that save for cooking Kürtős Cakes-chimney cakes using gas or electrical ovens rather than an open flame, the process in which the cakes are made has remained the same for centuries. The story is something she passionately tells her clients, who gladly soak in the history of the cakes they enjoy so much.

"When we prepare our Kürtős Cakes-chimney cakes for our customers, I enjoy sharing the story and tradition with them and it brings me much joy when they eyes light up not only because they find our cakes delicious, but also because they just learned something new or interesting about them," Gulyas said. "It's delightful meeting people from all walks of life, having a fun conversation with them and share in their joy of discovering something new. It never gets old."

For more visit kurtoscake.com.

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clara albert

A cake that lacks ingredients of animal origin (milk, butter, eggs) can be labeled as 'Vegan' or 'Lent'. KürtÅ'sfánk (KürtÅ'sh Donut) is a similar-shaped cake, which is baked in oil or fat and

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