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Join the Fitness Family at CrossFit Auburndale

By Elisha Neubauer

CrossFit has been sweeping the nation with its energetic, well-rounded concepts as of late. Just about every gym is jumping on the band wagon, trying to capitalize on the rush of popularity the activity has been gaining.

But, while just about every gym is offering the odd class here and there, CrossFit Auburndale focuses solely on the practice itself. The facility offers courses that are tailored to just about every skill set and level, instead of one broad-ranged class. There are classes for beginning foundations, private and semi-private training sessions, group classes, and even teen classes?just about something for everyone.

Programs offered at CrossFit Auburndale include CrossFit Teens (summer only), CrossFit Lite, Foundations, Personal Training, and Team Sports Performance Training. CrossFit Lite focuses on Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con) with scaled down weights or body weight movements, making it perfect for beginners. The Foundations course takes a deeper look at skill development and exposure to basic movements.

Team Sports Performance Training is designed for those looking to expand their skill set in their current sport of choice. It focuses on building strength, cardio endurance, speed, flexibility, and agility and is tailored specifically to each participant.

One of the perks about a CrossFit facility is the freedom that comes with the practice. "CrossFit is not a cookie-cutter business, every affiliate is different," states Credie Windemaker, coach and owner of CrossFit Auburndale. "CrossFit affiliates assist their members in transforming their bodies with solid programming, nutritional education, and guiding their athletes toward ones' individual goals. Everyone's goals vary, so Coaches should be flexible in meeting everyone's needs."

Windemaker states that at CrossFit Auburndale they pride themselves on their coaching staff. "They are highly qualified, enthusiastic, and set the tone for the classes every day," says Windemaker. "Oh, and they LOVE coaching CrossFit!" It's vital that the coaches at CrossFit Auburndale be able to truly bond with their clients, as without that connection, the community that CrossFit is most well-known for will never happen. This is one of the most important factors Windemaker considered when selecting coaches.

It is this sense of community which makes CrossFit so popular, and makes every CrossFit affiliate facility stand apart from the corporate gym structure. "The absolute most important part of CrossFit is our community and relationships with our members," exclaims Windemaker. Where Corporate Gyms and Fitness Centers are looking for numbers. Once you sign up and their long-term contracts, they will move on to the next person.

At CrossFit Auburndale, each athlete's challenges and accomplishments become the team's. "When someone walks through our doors you will be welcomed, encouraged, and embraced," says Windemaker. "That's every day, every workout, inside our facility and out, you are part of our fitness family!"

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