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Making Your Pool Installation Stress-Free: An Interview with Midwest Fiberglass Pools

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a factory direct Fiberglass Pool distributor. We have several services we offer which includes: Selling & Installing fiberglass Pools as well as a kit option where the consumer does the main installation themselves (or hires their own contractor) and we supply the pool & all equipment needed. We also do service/maintenance work on pools & equipment.

What is your position at Midwest Fiberglass Pools?

Office Administrator.

What are the major differences between fiberglass Pools and other varieties?

Fiberglass Pools are non-porous unlike concrete pools which makes it almost impossible for bacteria and algae to grow. Also it is 17x's stronger than concrete and does not need the constant upkeep like a concrete pool does. Vinyl Liner pools need several liner replacements over time and it is quite a costly expense. With a Fiberglass Pool, you get a quality pool that is virtually maintenance free!

What are some ways you make the pool installation process as stress-free as possible?

The General Installation of a fiberglass pool shell is usually between 1-3 days weather permitting. From Start to finish (concrete, decking, screen enclosure if applicable) roughly 2-3 weeks. Considerably less than a concrete pool so there isn't that long time period of construction going on in the consumer's yard. Which keeps them happy, and their neighbors! We do keep in constant touch with the consumer during that time, to keep them updated on each step of the process.

Please describe your lifetime warranty and how this helps your clients feel secure with their purchase?

The Lifetime warranty protects our pool owners against any structural damage i.e: Cracks. Also, the warranty is transferrable in the event the original pool-owners decide to sell their home.

Are there any neat pool features or additions you offer?

There are many different features that we offer which includes, but not limited to: Multi colored LED lights, massage therapy jets, aromatherapy, waterfalls, cascades, custom tile mosaics, aqua decals, deck jets, water slides, water games and many more.

Are there any common mistakes new homeowners make when dealing with a major renovation on their home?

The only main mistake that comes to mind is installing anything other than a Fiberglass Pool! All kidding aside, 1 common mistake that homeowners make is not doing their research when looking for a contractor for any kind of renovation project. Make sure to do your homework and find out as much information as possible, and if available, see what kind of reviews and ratings the contractor has received from previous customers.

What are the benefits of installing a pool on your property?

Installing a pool on your property not only transforms the look of your yard, but it increases the value of your home tremendously. Not to mention you get 24 hour access to your own personal paradise!

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We can be reached at our Toll Free number: (877) 930-7665, or directly to our Corporate Office in Sebring, FL. (863) 655-9100. Also, by email: mail@midwestpoolsintl.com.

After Hours & Weekend Inquiries can contact me directly on my cell: (863) 214-2156 or Email: Vanessa_MidwestPools@live.com.

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