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Holistic Healing and Massage at Mind Body Spirit Healing Center

By Marina I. Jokic

The body is a delicately-balanced mechanism and as such, it needs regularly scheduled maintenance. That is where Vanessa Diaz' Mind Body Spirit Healing Center comes in. With customized massage therapy, wellness education and a My Life! My Design! three month life transformational coaching program, it is a one-stop shop for staying fit and treating your body to various therapies in the comfort of your own home or their retreat center coming soon in 2018.

Hot stone massage, organic aromatherapy, Chakra balancing, and even sound therapy hypnosis are just an appointment away at Mind Body Spirit Healing Center, based in Jupiter. Services are grounded in reinvigorating the body while also centering the mind and assisting one to connect to their authentic self, their spirit. Steadily growing in Palm Beach County, Vanessa is tapping into the groundswell of enthusiasm for wellness.

"I saw that no one was providing true full body massages anywhere," Vanessa said. "When a massage is given [at Mind Body Spirit Healing Center], the full body is addressed inside and out [including] physical muscles, internal organs, meridians, aura and the chi [or energy] that runs through all of it."

Such comprehensive body treatments with an eye to mental wellbeing are rare. Qi (Pronounced, Chee) or energy, flows through channels in the body and make up a complex network. This network of meridians, can be mapped throughout the body and supply energy to physical organs, glands, nervous and circulatory system, and brain. Each meridian contains multiple acupressure points which can be accessed to treat various conditions. The signature Mind Body Spirit Massage incorporates Acupressure, Chakra balancing and reflexology to address the meridians.

"Our physical body corresponds with an energy body or aura," Vanessa said. "There is an energy circuit within the body called meridians, [and] when targeted with acupressure and other modalities, connect with the 12 systems of the body and their organs."

In addition to a highly trained staff of licensed massage therapists, Mind Body Spirit H.C doesn't spare an expense when it comes to ensuring comfort and convenience for their guest. Comfortable massage tables, soft linens, and purely organic essential oils are just the tip of the iceberg. Hot foot towels and hot stones that provide gentle, yet deep tissue work are included in each session too.

Vanessa Diaz

With year-round balmy temperatures and perpetual sun, Palm Beach County is the perfect setting to raise a family and play sports. Locals are active and enjoy playing golf, tennis, baseball, and cycling. The area is buzzing with activity. Incidentally, Vanessa possesses over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and is specifically trained in sports massage. For those of you starting a family, she also specializes in Pregnancy massage offering a pre & post-natal series to couples that are transitioning into parenthood.

"People are beginning to learn to love and honor themselves first, so they can be the best for those that count on them," Vanessa said. "This means creating a wellness regimen for energy and vitality in their everyday life."

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