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High Standards and Deep Faith in North Florida

By David Boegaard

Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, FL serves as a premier Christian educational institution in North Florida. Trinity offers a complete curriculum, open to children from three-year-old Kindergarten all the way through to High School graduation. Their dedication to fully integrating Biblical teachings into every aspect of their education makes them a top choice for Christian education. And with extraordinary course programming, vast opportunities for extra-curriculars, a racially and economically diverse student body and a sterling graduation rate, Trinity Christian Academy truly stands out among any competition.

Trinity Christian Academy was founded almost 50 years ago, in 1967, by Trinity Baptist Church. In the time since, Trinity has flourished. "We are the largest single-campus school in Northeast Florida with 1,500+ students," says Janette Cosson, the Admissions Director at Trinity Christian Academy. They have also developed programs that distinguish Trinity as a premier college prep school and center of education in Christian values.

Based on encouraging each student to mature socially and spiritually, in addition to academically, the principled purpose of Trinity has changed little in all that time. The school focuses on emphasizing that each student develop their own deep interpretation of the Bible, suggests Cosson. "We guide each student in developing a biblical worldview which strengthens them in making responsible decisions for the future."

The purpose is driven home through constant reflection on students' lives in light of the Bible's teachings, notes Cosson. "Biblical principles are incorporated into each lesson, as well as character traits and integrity training throughout the day." Students cannot be expected to incorporate the Bible's teachings through occasional academic study, but rather through deep immersion.

But academic study is also essential. Daily reflections on biblical principles make the teachings real, but regular, formal education in the Bible is necessary to give foundation for those reflections. "Each child will have a Bible lesson daily (lower division) or a Bible class as an elective (upper division)," explains Cosson. "Each division will also have age-appropriate chapel services several times each month."

They offer a full curriculum of college prep courses and extra-curriculars, and required high academic standards. "We have AP classes and a College Honors Prep program that offers a greater challenge to students who are above the standard academically," notes Cosson. And Trinity has worked hard to develop programs suitable to all students, from those with learning accommodations to those with highly-focused interests.

Trinity even provides advanced students with the exciting prospect of their dual-enrollment program. Dual-enrollment allows students to earn credit toward graduation from High School while also earning credit for college.

For extra-curricular activities, Trinity has few equals in Florida, suggests Cosson. Not only does the school have award winning programs in music and drama, but they also "offer 12 sports with 34 different teams including multiple teams winning State championships (recently in football and baseball)."

Getting into Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville requires that students prove their mettle. "All students accepted into TCA have met the required standards of academic ability and behavior expectations." Students who demonstrate that they are a good fit for the school, will be offered the opportunity to enroll into TCA. Seniors that excel at TCA are accepted into top-notch colleges and universities. Last year's class graduated with more than $5,000,000 in collective potential college scholarships!

All this helps explain how Trinity can manage to graduate so many of its students while maintaining high academic standards. Their close guidance and focus on college-readiness have made their numbers seem extraordinary. "We graduate 100+ seniors every year with a graduation rate of 99% and offer one of the strongest dual enrollment programs in Northeast Florida," says Cosson.

For a complete approach to education, from K through 12, and from spirit to heart to mind, Trinity is clearly a top choice for Jacksonville residents. And the heart of their success is the dedicated and caring staff, Cosson says with pride. "Our students love TCA because of the caring teachers, the exciting environment, and the sense of community that it brings."

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