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Get Help with Water Damage in Your Home: An Interview with Troy Morgan of Elite Restoration Group LLC

By Troy Morgan

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Elite Restoration Group is a state licensed general contractor, mold remediation firm, mold assessment firm, home inspection firm and also are all lines licensed adjusters . We specialize in insurance loss restoration. Including water, mold, fire and storm. We offer complete repair services including all cabinetry, flooring, etc., from our facility so customers do not have to choose their items from multiple places. We also offer complete remodeling and contracting services.

What are some of the most common causes of water damage that you've seen in Florida houses?

We have seen several different issues causing water damage. Cat 3 sewage is from waste pipes that are not maintained and items being flushed down the sewer that are not supposed to be. cat 1 & 2 water losses gray and clean water from bad toilet and sink lines rupturing along with badly maintained or too old of a water heater unit. Also bad or old toilet tank parts and old or improper angle stops on all toilets and sinks.

Can you briefly explain what a homeowner should do right away after discovering water damage or a water issue/leak in their home?

Immediately call a certified and trained insurance restoration contractor and shut off all water to home to stop leaking. Then call insurance provider and file a claim. Make sure the contractor you call is familiar with insurance claims and has all the credentials needed to properly handle the claim with you and the insurance carrier from start to finish.

What are some of the dangers of not getting professional help to take care of residential water damage?

The main issue is the water damage being improperly mitigated which could allow further damage such as mold or biohazardous material growing and causing a much larger and possible health related problem. Always use a properly certified and licensed firm familiar and a verifiable history with handling these types of situations.

What are the basic steps involved with assessing and restoring a house that has water damage?

Knowing how to properly locate all damaged areas is first using the appropriate water meters for construction materials and using infrared camera technology to properly locate the water migration path so all areas affected are dried out, removed and replaced as needed, so that collateral damage to materials that could have been saved don't become a later issue.

How does a professional restoration company work with homeowners and insurance companies during the process?

Typically a restoration contractor will require an authorization allowing them to work with the insurance carrier and adjuster to make sure the insured receives everything they should as far as repairs are concerned. This company should be well versed in the programs and procedures and familiar with insurance policies so they can better understand how and what to negotiate with the carrier for repairs. They should always be an open bookkeeping the insured abreast to any and all communication and negotiations. If any firm is not willing to do this CONSUMER BEWARE!

Do you have any advice for homeowners in Florida who have had a problem with recurring water damage?

It is the best thing to call a licensed and certified firm and have them get the appropriate people involved to assess the issues and correct any possible issue that could be causing this recurring problem. Always repair the cause of the problem before considering the cosmetic repairs to damages caused by recurring water intrusion.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

Our office number is 321-863-2796, cell is 321-593-2165, email is eliterestorationgroup@gmail.com or fax 888-690-3894. We service all of Brevard, Southern Volusia, Northern Indian River, Eastern Orange, and Eastern Osceola counties.

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