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Get Excited for This New Water Sports Trend

By Elisha Neubauer

Tampa Bay Water Bike Co is putting a new spin on water activities in Central Florida, leading the way in the Water Bike revolution. Being called the 'Ultimate in human powered watercraft,' water bikes are the latest craze to hit the waters since the standup paddleboard first hit markets.

"The water bikes are two 10 foot pontoons with a stable platform with a bicycle on top," explains Dan Fleischbein, owner of Tampa Bay Water Bike Co. "The pedals turn a propeller under water to give propulsion." The great thing about this stable design is that they are virtually impossible to tip. Not only does this make them easily useable for all ages, but you can spend an entire afternoon exploring the Hillsborough waterways without ever getting wet- that is, unless you want to, of course.

Ensuring their guests are safe, despite the security offered by the mere design of the bike, the staff at the Tampa Bay Water Bike Co makes sure to coach guests before each and every adventure. "The bikes are quality equipment that cannot tip unless you pull it over," he details. "We ensure riders have life vests, we go over safety information. The area we operate in is also a minimum wake area so you do not need to worry about boaters." But it's not just safe for guests- it's also incredibly safe on the environment. "Since its human powered, there's no fear of hurting the Dolphins, fish, and manatees our riders often see on their journey," Fleischbein announces.

"Our water bikes are very buoyant, and can hold up to 400 lbs," says Fleischbein. "By being on two pontoons, it creates a stable base in which the bike can easily glide on the water with minimal effort."

This ease of effort allows you to spend longer out on your venture without tiring as quickly as if you were pedaling on a land bike for the same distance, extending your day trip exponentially. The water bikes are also versatile, allowing you to explore an impressive amount of the Hillsborough area without ever leaving the water. "While on a water bike you can explore the mouth of the Hillsborough River, you can go up the river towards Curtis Hixon Park, University of Tampa, all of this area has great views of Downtown Tampa and the Riverwalk," Fleischbein exclaims.

"You can also see the large houses on Davis Island and Harbor Island." Other locations visible from the comfort of the water bike include Amelie Arena, the Sykes building (beer can building), University of Tampa historic Plant Museum, complete with its beautiful towers, Tampa General Hospital, Harbour Island, the Straz center, and the Museum of Art. He adds, "Tampa is honestly a city meant to be seen from the water! It's really stunning."

In addition to water bikes, the Tampa Bay Water Bike Co offers biyaks -- kayaks with pedals. Not only are they one of the most comfortable kayaks you'll find yourself in, but the addition of pedals frees up your hands to take photographs of the stunning Tampa Bay waterways.

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