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From Film to Psychology: Finding One's Path in Life

By Elisha Neubauer

As we age, sometimes we find ourselves on a path we'd never dreamed of before, unsure of how we got here, but loving every minute of it. It catches us by surprise, leading us down a road we would never have noticed before.

This is exactly what happened to Jamie Molnar, of Jamie Molnar Counseling.

Molnar didn't set out with the expectations to become a counselor. In fact, far from it, she had begun her young adulthood as a film major in college, taking steps toward her dream of moving to Hollywood and becoming a director. It was here, while studying film, that she found her true calling.

"While I was in college preparing for film school, movies with lots of philosophical messaging included, like Fight Club, were all the rage," says Molnar. "So I began taking philosophy and psychology classes to become a better filmmaker. It was during that time that I realized wow, this stuff is actually really interesting!" It was during these extra courses that she quickly realized how much she loved psychology. "I realized that helping people heal this way was the true path for me in life."

She found that the concept behind psychology and film were not that different, after all. "I have always been fascinated by people," explains Molnar. "Every person you meet has their own unique story, their own unique journey through life, their own unique way of being. No two people are exactly alike. I think that is just amazing, and I feel honored that every individual I meet is willing to share their special, unique story with me."

Once the decision was made, Molnar jumped onboard and quickly began completing new and exciting forms of education toward her newfound goal. Since taking the leap of faith into the industry, she has managed to earn a Masters of Applied Psychology, Bachelor of Science (psychology), and a Bachelor of Arts (Spanish); in addition to being a licensed mental health counselor and a member of the American Counseling Association.

But there's one more educational tool Molnar has in her wheelhouse that sets her aside from most of counterparts. "I am also a certified yoga teacher, and am passionate about the mind-body connection, so I provide a very unique, individualized counseling experience that combines the ancient traditions of yoga philosophy with modern applied psychology experience for my clients," explains Molnar. "This means that I can teach you ways to calm your body, manage distress, trauma, and pain, and feel more at ease in your daily life."

When it comes to personalized experience, Molnar knows what's best for her clients. "For those that may be hesitant or afraid of counseling, I hear you," she states. "I understand how intimidating the process can feel. I have done psychotherapy throughout the years myself, so I know what it can feel like." Molnar also has personal experience with trauma, giving her another avenue to tap into when it comes to understanding her patient's feelings. "Additionally, as a cancer survivor, I have a deep understanding of how trauma changes your life and the ways you wish it wouldn't, and I can help you make the transition into healing."

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