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Five Smart Decorating Tips for a Small Room

Decorating a small space can be challenging at best. You don't want to skip on decor all together but at the same time, finding suitable colors and furniture for a small space that doesn't leave you feeling cluttered and uncomfortable is difficult Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can decorate a small room to maximize the space that you have without minimizing on the decor.

Brighten Up a Dark Room with Crisp Colors

Small spaces can quickly feel cramped and cluttered, especially if the room includes dark colors that make the space seem even smaller than it actually is. If you must have dark colors on the walls or in any area of a small room, consider accenting the darks with the use of clean and crisp colors that contrast well. Bright whites and vivid accents can make even a small dark room come together and feel like an inviting space.

Choose Functional Furniture

It's important to choose furniture that is functional when decorating a small room. Instead of opting for a chair that simply looks nice but takes up a big area of the room and rarely will be used, consider furniture that will provide for multiple usable functions such as a sofa which expands into sleeper or small, lightweight chairs which can easily be repurposed to be used in other areas of the home. A bakery cart that has wheels makes for the perfect functional piece of furniture in a small kitchen where space is limited the gourmet cooking still tends to take place. When the cart or items on the cart are not in use, it can easily be wheeled to an area where it is not in the way.

Accent with Patterns

One of the best ways to decorate a small room is to accent it with bold patterns. Be careful as too much of a pattern or too many different patterns can make any room seem all over the place but when used sparingly, patterns can shed light on a small space. Try accent pillows that are patterned in a bright hue for a small bedroom or living room or consider patterned chair covers for a small dining space. These are small changes which can quickly be removed if you are unhappy with the results.

Storage Solutions

The number one decorating concern with any small room is the lack of storage which can quickly lead to a room looking cluttered. When decorating a small room, consider choosing multifunctional furniture pieces that can double purpose as storage units. An ottoman that includes a storage cabinet inside is a great choice for a small living room while a dresser with many drawers can quickly de-clutter a small bedroom. Storage under the bed is yet another way to quickly rid a small bedroom of potential for mess by providing ample storage hidden out of the way.

Choose a Neutral Palette

Small spaces can easily be brightened up to feel open and airy when you choose a neutral palette for the decoration. Walls of a light, neutral tone are ideal for making even a small area feel bigger and bright accents can add just the splash of color that a room needs to feel inviting and fun. The use of texture here can also help to liven up a small room; consider a textured area rug, the use of linen drapes or incorporating various earth textures such as bamboo or similar variations of texture into a small room to bring the outdoors in.

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