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Find Your Inner Athlete with EPIC's Total Body Training Program

By Kelly Church

Nationally-recognized EPIC Hybrid Training is a Miami, FL high-intensity fitness studio. The fitness revolution has been recognized by several media outlets, including The Today Show, CBS, Inside Edition, The New York Times and more.

The idea is easy: workouts are based on agility, strength, endurance and speed. The workouts, however, are challenging. Karlee Whipple is the owner of Miami's EPIC and says the mix of eight different types of classes that vary every day improve conditioning and physique. 

"EPIC has been recognized as the best new workout in 2016 and is known for its intense hybrid strength and conditioning program that combines high intensity interval training (HIIT), full-body mobility movements and obstacle race techniques that allow people of every fitness level to tap into their inner athlete," Whipple says. "EPIC's training programs feature kettle bells, wreck bags, monkey bars, JGXT suspension bands [and] resistance trainers, to name a few."

Whipple describes a very full schedule of classes each week with six different types of workout programs. Members can choose from classic cardio training, weight training or a mix of borom classic cardio training, weight training or a mix of both. The Blast is what Whipple calls a "high-octane conditioning class" that is more like cardio HIIT with jumping, springing and crawling to improve endurance, agility and speed. Dynamic Core focuses on core strength. Whipple even says that so much as a laugh or a sneeze may hurt the day after experiencing a Dynamic Core class.

Tone & Power is a total-body weight training class that puts a little more control in the member's hands. Opt for lighter weights and a higher rep count to work towards a leaner, more toned physique. Heavier weights with lower rep counts will result in more muscle mass.

The Grynd, according to Whipple, is probably the toughest class offered at EPIC. It's total body endurance that challenges not only physical stamina, but mental strength as well. Epic Obstacle Circuits (EOC) is another type of class that uses challenges to get people in "the best shape of [their] life." Challenges improve strength, power, speed and hand-eye coordination.

Lastly, The Combine is a combination class, using techniques and moves from all the other EPIC classes to produce one really epic workout. On the weekends, EPIC often hosts group activities. Gym members are invited to participate in obstacle races in local areas that improve their fitness levels and also allows them to bond with other gym members. 

"The variety of the exercises, along with the intense interval circuit training, provides optimal results by activating cardiovascular endurance that will ultimately reduce the percentage of body fat," Whipple says.  

EPIC trainers are another brag-worthy aspect of the gym, according to Whipple. They're all unique and many of them have won Spartan Races around the world, proving an very high level of fitness themselves. With at most only 16 people in class, members get a lot of time with the trainers. 

Memberships at EPC Hybrid Training can be purchased on a weekly or monthly basis. They can also be purchased as a 10-pack or as individual classes. 

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