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Experience a Modern Out-In-The-Open Coffee House Concept at Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Much like a brewery, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters lets its customers actually see the full process of making a good cup of coffee to get them more involved with their morning java. "We want the act of getting coffee to not just be about what's in the cup, but rather to create an entire experience around coffee," owner Zack Burnett explains about their modern-looking, out-in-the-open coffee house concept.

Burnet feels that this display-style roasting and brewing creates a lasting experience and makes customers want to brew at home. As coffee roasters, Burnett explains, "One of our main goals is to increase the interest in specialty coffee. Just building general interest in coffee is big for us."

Starting out as a wholesale coffee roaster providing grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and hotels with quality coffee beans, Burnett now has two cafes and a roasting facility in Jacksonville. His cafes serve not only coffees, but craft beers and other beverages. He and his employees are described as "a bunch of coffee fanatics" that strive to choose only the best coffees.

Bold Bean offers about 30 coffees a year. That might not sound like much, but Burnet tells us, "To purchase 30 coffees, we "cup" (taste) 300 [or more] different coffees yearly. We select only the very best coffees we are presented." That's a lot of coffee tasting. Their coffee is distinctive because they start directly at the source- the growers. "Eighty percent of the coffee we offer is traded directly with the farmers who grow it," Burnett continues.

Traveling many times every year to different worldwide coffee-growing regions to source coffee is important to the business. Direct-source coffee bean purchasing gives them access to a wider variety of coffees than if buying the more traditional way through a broker while letting them have a say in the growing.

It's this quality control from the growing to the roasting and brewing that gives them a consistent product. "Once the coffee is roasted [according to strict protocols] and sent to our cafes, we follow strict parameters in all of our brewing methods to ensure the flavor notes each coffee possesses end up in our customer's cup," Burnet explains.

What's popular in coffee today? Burnett tells us, "Recently our customers have really been interested in the fruitier coffees from Africa and parts of Central America and Colombia." If you don't know what to order, one of their café baristas will choose a cup for you based on your specific taste preferences.

A true passion for coffee is apparent at Bold Bean where the secret ingredient is attention to detail. Burnett excitedly tells us, "We think about it obsessively and strive every day to get better at what we do and provide better experiences for our customers."

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