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Everything You Should Know About Fences: An Interview with Leonardo Zapata of Alpha Omega Fence Inc.

By Leonardo Zapata

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer?

As a quality fence service provider,Alpha Omega Fence Company Orlando focuses on property fencing and styles. This means that every aspect of your fence project will be reviewed by our team of professionals. We want you to know all the details before paying for our services; that is why we offer free site estimates to provide you with an accurate cost. It's been said good fences make good neighbors, but at Alpha Omega Fence Company Orlando, we think we can do better. We install and repair any type of fence and gates.

Can you briefly talk about the difference between buying a new fence from a big box store versus hiring a professional contractor or fence builder?

Big box companies cannot provide one on one customer service, and as a family owned business that is our number one priority! Punctuality and professional service is key.

What are the main choices that homeowners need to make when it comes to their fence?

The first thing that homeowners should consider when purchasing a fence is finding the best price, followed closely by quality, prompt service and a guarantee.

What are some of the most popular fencing styles and features for people in Florida?

PVC or Vinyl fences are the most popular! Vinyl fencing is the only fencing system that is durable and permanent. Unlike wood or metal, vinyl is designed to withstand the elements. High grade vinyl will never fade, rot, rust, or look old. It's the only fence you'll need for the life of your property. With vinyl, you'll never have to worry about replacing your fence or settling for a yard that looks old and run down.

One of the reasons why people prefer a vinyl fence is because it is low maintenance. Maintaining a wood or metal fence is more work than you may think. Imagine having to repaint or repair a faded, rotted, chipped, or rusted fence every five years! And what happens when you give up and stop maintaining? Your property starts to look old. The beauty of vinyl is that it is very easy to maintain. Just wash your vinyl fence with soap and water and you have a fence that looks new again.

How is the cost for a fence typically determined?

The cost of a yard of fencing varies, even if the yards being fenced are located in the same area. This is due to factors such as property location, size and shape of yard, type and quality of materials, type of tools utilized, as well as the types of permits needed and labor.

How long does should the installation take?

It depends. There are various factors such as conditions of the soil, and how clear the fence line is. Time it takes to get all materials to fencing area can also be a factor as well as the complexity of the fence itself. Typically, a regular wood fence in a ¼ acre property will take 1 to 2 days to complete.

Do you have any tips for successfully incorporating new fencing with a gate or outdoor area?

1. Pick the right fence contractor. Fencing a yard on your own requires specialized tools and hard labor. Consider hiring a professional, but first check the company's licensing status and references.

2. Choosing the right material is key. Ask yourself how much time you want to spend maintaining your fence.

3. Check with your home owners association. Make sure the fence you want meets the organization's standards for materials and height before moving ahead with a project.

4. Communicate with your neighbors.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Our goal at Alpha Omega Company is to rise above the industry standard. We strive to provide unequivocal excellence in all facets of our company. We are committed to providing the most honest, reliable and comprehensive fence service in the beautiful Central Florida area.

    We can be contact by, phone, text, e-mail or contact form on our web site.
  • Phone Number: 321-946-3449
  • Email: Lzfence@yahoo.com

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Many basics queries are covered in this article. I like it. I also write blog for La Habra Fence Company. You can find a great resource on various types of fences in this blog.

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