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Do You Need Moving Insurance?: An Interview with Melisa McFadden of Convenient Lifestyles Moving

By Melisa McFadden

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We offer full relocation and delivery services for all residential, commercial and government moves.

What are some of the most common that can go wrong with people's belongings during a move?

Due to human error and faults, a customer or client may experience the nightmare of damaged, lost or stolen goods.

Can you briefly explain what the insurance covers that is already included with the cost of moving?

Our clients and customers can rest assured that our insurance covers all damaged, lost and stolen goods.

In what circumstances should someone consider getting extra insurance for their move?

If a customer or client has items that are fragile or high in value and they are concerned about the possible loss of their goods, they may consider obtaining additional insurance coverage of their goods.

What are the options people have for additional insurance coverage from most moving companies?

Several insurance agencies offer immediate insurance coverage at the advantage of those in need of moving services. In order to select the best insurance coverage, it is best to shop online and compare the coverage side by side.

Do you have any tips for people who have a lot of high-value or fragile belongings to move?

It is essential that the owner of such items assure that they are properly wrapped in bubble wrap or moving blankets and secured to the truck. Be certain that items that may damage these special items while the truck is in motion remain separate. It is also crucial that fragile and high-value items are labeled as such. If at all possible, keep these items with you and relocate them on your own.

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