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Discover Your Perfect Place to Soar with the Eagles at Polk State College

By Elisha Neubauer

What's the scariest decision you'll have to make in your lifetime? Well, the answer to that question all depends on what stage of your life you're in currently. If you're a high school student, or an adult looking to grow their career or skill set? well, then the answer to that question is most likely choosing a college or university.

Why is this process so scary?

Rachel Pleasant, Director of Communications at Polk State College had a good answer to this pressing question. "Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lifetimes," she explains. "Ultimately, what students are searching for is an institution that is going to help them reach their goals and be successful in life." If that still sounds scary, don't worry. It's because it is. But, with a little help from the right school and faculty, even this worrying experience can be made a little easier. That's where Polk State College can step in.

"Polk State is the school of choice for students in Polk County for many reasons, including our affordable tuition, accessible locations, and industry-targeted degree and certificate programs," states Pleasant. According to her, Polk State offers the most affordable tuition and fees in the region. Between the low tuition and fees and other financial opportunities, such as financial aid and scholarships, approximately 80% of the students are able to graduate from Polk State without any student loans or debts.

"This means that when our students graduate and go to work, they can start saving for cars, houses and for their children's college funds, without having to spend years paying off their degrees," states Pleasant. "They are free to begin building a future, without being burdened by the debt of their past." As this is one of the largest discussions taking place across America in the political debates as of late, this is extremely impressive.

Another fantastic benefit to selecting Polk State College is the ease of accessibility. Let's face it; uprooting your entire life just to seek a degree is a little terrifying, even for the bravest of students. But, at Polk State, there's no need to pack your bags to further your education. "Our footprint in Polk County includes seven physical locations from Lakeland to Lake Wales," Pleasant tells us. "We also offer an ever-expanding selection of online degrees." She continues, informing us that the vast majority of students live right here in Polk County. "Because of Polk State, they are able to get a college degree without having to relocate or commute to neighboring counties."

To ensure every class is worth your time, Polk State reaches out to the local community, partnering with several businesses across a varied span of industries. Pleasant details exactly how important this is to students, employers, and the community. "Polk State doesn't do anything in a vacuum," she explains. "Everything, from the launch of new degrees to adjustments in the curriculum of a single class, is done with input from local employers. Our industry partnerships help us to ensure that when students graduate from Polk State, they possess the skills employers need- and a competitive edge that will set them apart from other job seekers."

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