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Danny Grant's Cowboy Circus Is Leaving a Happy Trail Across State Fairs

By Pamela Sosnowski

If you visit a state fair and come across a multi-talented cowboy wowing his audience with his juggling, comedy, singing, and guitar picking skills, then you may have just encountered Danny Grant. Grant is a natural born entertainer; while he began perfecting his entertaining skills at six years old, his first official appearance on a stage happened when he was just shy of three months old, appearing in his parents' variety show. Under his act's name, Danny Grant's Cowboy Circus, he tours dozens of state fairs across the country as well as entertaining at birthday parties, schools, and more.

"I was born into show business," he said. "It's literally in my blood as my parents had a comedy, vaudeville-style show traveling the country entertaining at summer fairs, festivals and concerts. I started learning cowboy tricks as well as circus skills at a super young age and as I grew up, I realized that I was pretty dang good at making people laugh and smile, and that there was no better feeling than making that happen."

He describes his 45-minute show as "clean comedy", a throwback to the days of vaudeville and when cowboys and traveling rodeos used to give audiences a taste of the wild west. Grant's show is pretty tame; his only horse is a plastic one not unlike the ones used for rocking, but he can lasso and ride as well as any cowhand. In fact, he usually demonstrates his lasso skills while balancing on a 24" plastic ball, or stands on the shaky prop while juggling and working a hula hoop at the same time. He especially loves entertaining children and getting them involved in the action.

"My show is wonderful for kids because it is so interactive that they get to be involved in the show from start to finish, and also since its not just a 'kiddie' show," he said. "Their parents and teachers get called up on stage, and so they get a chance to see their adult figures in their life be forced to try new things and dress up in characters and it all makes for an incredibly fun show."

Audience members of all ages may find themselves balancing spinning plates, hula-hooping, or shaking their booty to music on Grant's stage. That's just one of the reasons why on his website and social channels he regularly receives five-star reviews from a variety of satisfied clients. He's been described as professional, energetic, and talented.

Grant hails from Boynton Beach, where he just purchased his first home, and gets to see most of the eastern United States all the way north to New York, where he says, they've never seen a guy in cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat. He has performed at many types of venues from corporate outings to churches and likes to keep things fresh by offering a show that highlights his many talents.

"I never wanted my show to be pigeonholed into folks thinking it was just this one thing, and ultimately, Johnny Carson and Jimmy Fallon are inspirations to me because of how multi talented they were(are) when it came to bringing people on stage and having them try new things, putting them out of their comfort zone, and yet still making it fun, interesting and entertaining for the audience," he said. "I love nothing more than wowing the crowd with a cowboy lasso trick or having my 'dueling banjo' skit with three dads hit just right and the crowd laughs for five straight minutes."

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